Photo Drop: Zurich – The City

I have two problems:

  1. I take too many photos.
  2. I love them all.

To avoid overwhelming you with 800 photos at once, I’ve decided to phase them into a few posts. We’ll start today with some of Zurich.

Jamie, our friend Casey and I were met at the Zurich airport by our friend Kevin. We dropped our bags at his flat and immediately set out for Zurich Uetliberg Lookout. Click that link to see what I saw!




Casey, Kevin, myself and Jamie on the lookout platform

Our sightseeing was followed by more sightseeing – Kevin gave us a nighttime walking tour of the downtown area.


P1010002 P1010010 P1010061 P1010056 P1010069

…and on that note…more later! 🙂

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