About Christina

Hello and welcome to Christina Does. I’m so happy that you’ve wound up in my tiny corner of the Internet.


If you clicked this page, you’re probably wondering who I am. First,
the basics: my name is Christina and I’m a curious twenty-something girl, living in New York City. I haven’t always been “Christina Does.” A few years ago I started blogging about sales, shopping fashion and beauty. I had a great little blog called The Happy Shopaholic. At some point I felt the urge to start writing about all of the great food I was cooking and consuming around New York City. The food posts didn’t really belong in a blog about shopping, so I teamed up with my foodie partner-in-crime to create a food blog called Feel Good Foodies.

Months into trying to successfully run two blogs and work a full-time job, I realized I was being completely silly. I had two separate and sporadically updated blogs, which if combined would make an interesting almost-daily read. So here it is: my grand attempt to put all of my interests and thoughts in one place. If you’re here as a reader of one of my past endeavors, thank you for sticking with me! I promise it will be worth it.

This blog doesn’t have “shop” or “food” in the title anymore, so I am free to share every little uncategorized thought that pops into my head. You can expect posts on shopping, beauty, fashion, travel, food, events and more.


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Please be aware that all things written on ChristinaDoes are my opinions, not those of my employer.

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