Monday Motivation: Work Your Ass Off


Today’s blog post is for the workers and creators. Those who realize that what they want will most likely not come handed to them on a silver platter without consequence. Opportunity is so beautiful, and is often easily taken for granted.


On my trip to Berlin, I was especially inspired by the street art and the story behind the alternative culture and its resistance to gentrification. We visited Tacheles, a building that has played many roles in Berlin’s history: first as a department store in the Jewish Quarter before WWII, being used as a Nazi prison for part of the war and later becoming a mecca (and squat) for artists from all over the world.

This article, written around the closing of Tacheles, describes the culture better than I could.Tacheles closed on September 4, 2012. Tacheles Metallwerkstatt, a sculpture park behind the actual building, is still open and run by the artist association ArtProTacheles.

P1010797P1010798You don’t have to visit Tacheles to see art in Berlin – the streets are covered with inspiration from famous street artists, if you know where to look. And in every single post-up or tile you see, you can feel the passion behind the artist who put it there.

I came home from Berlin inspired to put the same passion into my every day. I’m lucky to work in a field that I love, and I want to make every moment count both at work and in my personal life.

Commence photo drop. The quality isn’t top notch on all of the photos, but I hope you enjoy:



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