Awkward and Awkward Thursday: Where’s the Juice?

This week has been an especially frustrating one, and all of my frustrations revolve around juice.

Think I’m crazy? Don’t worry, I do too. Let’s start with awkward part one, from the beginning. I arrived at work Wednesday completely pumped to start a Jus by Julie three-day cleanse. I LOVE juicing, and my friend had said this was her favorite one.

When I realized at 8 a.m. that Jus by Julie had sent me an order confirmation but no tracking information (which they had referenced would follow), I immediately sent an email and also gave their receptionist a call. I won’t bore you with the play-by-play, but essential I reached out by phone, email, Twitter, carrier pigeon, you name it, and judging by their latest tweet, the company was indeed on vacation.

Christina Marcus  christinamarcus  on Twitter (1)

I tried to reach Jus by Julie all day.

Christina Marcus  christinamarcus  on TwitterAfter 4 p.m. I finally sent an outraged email outlining all of the reasons it was inconsiderate and poor service for the company not to get back to me. The email in itself was awkward. I do not get angry. It’s not something I do. But here I am, very angry, and feeling completely outside of my skin because of it.

I received a phone call immediately. The person on the other end sounded a bit annoyed and  explained that something was wrong with their delivery tracking, and I would get my juice the next day. Seriously? Was that five-minute phone call so difficult? This tells me two things:

  1. There is not reward in being a calm and collected, friendly customer, which is so disappointing. Hours of this approach got me absolutely nowhere, but when I got angry I got answers.
  2. The FedEx issue was, as I suspected, a widespread problem yesterday. In this case, a blast email or even a tweet to explain the issue and tell customers to be patient might have been a good, considerate idea. I mean, one thing I loved about the idea of this cleanse is that it is delivered early enough to start on the same day. I literally ate nothing the first half of the day thinking they’d get back to me before lunch on my delivery ETA.

After the awful 8 hours of lack of customer service, I thought surely they would apologize in a genuine way and even offer something extra, or an added incentive for a follow-up order. I’m not a freebie-hound, but this was the first time ever that I really felt it was something I deserved. You shouldn’t upset people who are giving up solid food to enjoy your product, it is just unkind, and disappointment coupled with extreme hunger should be compensated.

Today I received my juices “on time,” and was happily drinking through my cleanse until awkward part two happened.  I got to juice 4 and realized that my juice 5 was missing from the fridge at work. Almond Breeze. I was actually excited to drink it and have been anticipating it all day. I considered blast emailing my coworkers to call a search for the missing juice. Other people are cleansing this week as well, I saw a ton of BluePrint bottles in the fridge, surely my juice was taken in error and could be returned. This sounds silly, but understand that i am consuming six juices for the day – that is all the nourishment that I get, and one is missing! And it’s my favorite one! Juice #5 on days 2 and 3 is a different  juice. A petty thing to complain about in a life where I feel all-around blessed, but it felt tragic. It still does. Go ahead, laugh at me.

The Jus by Julie juices are awesome, and I’m really enjoying them, but I feel like I will forever associate this cleanse with feelings of stress and frustration. And lots of awkward.

Beauty Review: Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream and its Bargain Equivalent

As beauty balm (BB) creams continue to be all the rage I have stood quietly on the sidelines, testing products and trying to find my MVP. I tested brands like Estee Lauder, Dr. Jart, etc., and finally landed on Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream.


Like all good BB creams should, Smashbox’s contender packs primer, moisturizer and foundation into one little tube, boasting broad spectrum SPF 35. Having semi-dry skin and testing it out in the winter, I do have to use extra moisturizer – but I’m banking on Camera Ready being the only product I need for my summer skin. I’m usually a light/medium in most foundations, and for this product I use the “light” tone.

It’s important to note that BB creams are intended for light coverage, so you’ll likely still need concealer for any blemishes. I still use The Balm’s Time Balm concealer under my eyes.

I was very content and ready to tell the world that I’d found my BB, when my best friend informed me that she found its drugstore equivalent.

Revlon PhotoReady BB CreamThrifty makeup minimalists, rejoice! Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream Skin Perfector, clearly made to compete with Smashbox’s BB elixir, tested equal, and for a fraction of the price ($11 compared to $39)!

My color is “light/medium” in the Revlon version. This is a huge breakthrough for me, since I’ve always been of the mindset that name brand beauty products are always worth the extra money spent. The only notable difference is that Revlon is SPF 30 rather than 35. Since I already had Smashbox, I keep that one in my makeup case at home, and the Revlon in my purse for on-the-go touch ups.

Do you have a favorite BB cream?