Foodie Friday: Is Instagram Making Me Fat?

After receiving criticism for my social “foodspiration” photos at every family gathering I’ve attended since joining Instagram 18 months ago, I could not hold back an enormous eye-roll today while reading a Gothamist article on a study reporting that Instagramming photos of your food could lead to an unhealthy food obsession.

Gothamist reported, “The study, which was presented at the Canadian Obesity Summit in Vancouver this week and titled “Food Fetish: Society’s Complicated Relationship with Food,” suggests that some people who take photos of most of their meals do so because food plays a big role in their lives—this, in turn, could lead them to develop unhealthy eating habits and weight problems.

I’ll be the first to admit that food plays an important role in my life. Food fuels my energy for every day’s activities – of course it’s important! And living in a city like New York, it’s hard not to get excited at the newest trend in burgers or donuts, or the next big restaurant opening. Some may frown at indulging in these things; God forbid we celebrate with a cupcake or considering a glass of wine a reward after a long week.

Though, I’d like to think that my social posts are more motivating towards healthy habits. I drink homemade juices almost weekly, and dabble in predominately veggie recipes quite often. But, knowing that my Instagram isn’t exactly my food journal, this Gothamist article got me thinking – is my Instagram as healthy as I’d like to think I am?

I did some data mining and it appears I have 288 photos posted to date, 78 of which are food related. So I’m not completely antisocial, and I don’t have a relationship going with my daily lunch menu. That’s good, right?

Of my food photos, I would classify 28 as being super healthy, with juices, smoothies and salads being the healthiest posts.


Twenty posts are neither healthy nor unhealthy, just amazingly delicious foods or interesting photos. I classified most home-cooked meals and things like sushi here –I thought these foods were healthy in moderation.

Thirty-one photos could classify as fat-kid-special, but more than half of these were photos of alcoholic beverages – 18 photos depicted Bloody Marys, quality beers and vino. photoHighlights from the remaining 13 “unhealthy” eats include rare indulgences like Shake Shack, Serendipity ice cream, and In-N-Out Burger. Holy cholesterol.

So how would I grade my Instagram? Balanced. And I think balanced is healthy. What do you think, is your Instagram making you fat? Is MY Instagram making you fat?

What You Missed: March

I’ll admit, I’ve been slightly inconsistent with the blogging this past month. I promise you the intention was there, but this little thing called life can sometimes get in the way. So, here are my March highlights, via Instagram.


Pho at Obao, NYC

Pho at Obao in NYC

Guinness on St. Patrick's Day

Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day

healthy smoothies for weight loss

Healthy Morning Smoothies

homemade French Toast

Homemade French Toast


before/after straightening hair with CHI straightener

Some before/after hair action

JCrew Factory Mint  Oval Necklace

A mint statement necklace to help will Spring to come! (JCrew Factory)

ShoeMint Francoise Booties

Some studded booties (ShoeMint)

bright colors and makeup

More bright colors and a rare day with makeup

vintage earrings

My favorite vintage earrings (gift from boyfriend)


Painting Lounge in Brooklyn

Painting lounge with my BFF (Brooklyn)

ArmyOfOne street art

Army Of One street are on Spring St./ Bowery

postup street art in Bushwick, Brooklyn

Random postup in Bushwick



Isn’t he lovely? (@MrJamieKline)

Let me know what you think of the “what you missed” photo load. If you guys like it, I’ll make it a monthly thing.

These aren’t all of my Instagram photos from the month, just some favorites. For the full effect, visit my Instagram!

Awkward & Awesome Thursday: The Late Edition


  • “Earth to Christina!” I take the bus to work when I’m too lazy to walk, and today I guess I was also too lazy to get off near my office because I wound up staying on for one extra stop. The truth is I was completely engrossed in my daily dose of Instagram.
  • I’ve been eating a vegetarian diet since Tuesday, and I am STARVING 24/7. How do you herbivores do it? I’m sure my stomach will shrink down to vegetarian size eventually, but for now I’m chowing carrot sticks like nobody’s business.
  • How is this for awkward – my boyfriend Jamie thinks he is getting me a Nespresso machine for my birthday next month. When I told him I didn’t want one at all, let alone for my birthday, he told me I could choose between that or six months of a cleaning service for our apartment. My Romeo…
  • I’m an awful blogger and have not posted any photos from my trip except for my street art photos from Berlin. I will get to it, I promise! Here is one taken in Lucerne, Switzerland to hold you over:



  • I’m jumping on the bandwagon and making a 101 in 1001 list on the Day Zero Project. My list, so far, can be found here. I’ve slowed down in actually making the list because I want to think it through. When it’s full I will post it on here! For those who don’t know, 101 in 1001 is a challenge where you create a list to complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days. Creating goals and achieving them is fulfilling enough, but being able to physically cross them off a list? Icing on the cake. Boyfriend made fun of item number six, because I put making a list on my list of things to do [AWKWARD].
  • Before the holiday, Influenster sent me a big, beautiful golden gift of Ferrero Rocher® chocolates. I put most of them out to share with my office, and reserved a tiny emergency stash for myself. The shared chocolates were gone in less than 20 minutes, the last of my secret stash was eaten today.


Michelle snagging a treat

Michelle snagging a treat

Chanelle after a heated discussion on the best way to eat Ferrero Rocher

Chanelle after a heated discussion on the best way to eat Ferrero Rocher


Who else does this? Chanelle (pictured) and I eat our FRs layer by layer


…And then there were none

  • Jamie says the last awesome thing for this post should be that I’m hanging out with him. I’m out of “Awesomes” for the list, so I’m calling it a night. To make it a little more interesting, here is an awesome (OK, maybe a little awkward) picture of Jamie and his sister’s dog, Bunny. Cue the ooos and ahhhs: