Foodie Friday: Falling Off the Wagon

Raise your hand if you fell off of the healthy-eating wagon this week.

I know I did, and if you did too, you are not alone. Something about a natural disaster makes people binge. I think that it’s partially a testament that eating can easily become an emotional outlet. I think another part dates back to our hunter-gatherer instincts. I watched a documentary during Sandy, which said that humans used to be conditioned to eat food when they could, in preparation to survive for long bouts without it. Maybe knowing that access to food could potentially be cut off makes us load up a little extra? Whatever the case, I know I was guilty of baking brownies instead of making salads during the dreadful week indoors.

Image courtesy of boyfriend’s instagram

The New York Times reported Wednesday on the “Sandy Five,” and the Associated Press also reported on New Yorkers finding comfort in junk food. So just when I was starting to feel down in the dumps for gaining back what I lost with my BluePrint Cleanse, Linda Wagner, one of my favorite bloggers, reminded me that it’s ok. We can’t be perfect all the time, but we can be positive.

Image courtesy of Linda Wagner

So don’t beat yourself up if you’ve fallen down a bit. Get back up, wipe off the dust and start over. Ask for help where you need it, and get back on track.

I’ve had a lot of stress this week, and I know that is another reason that I fell off. But knowing how to identify this, and eating a piece of fruit or drinking a juice instead of going for coffee and cookies is something I am trying to do moving forward. It feels great to scarf down some junk food to feel better, but it never feels great afterwards.

What triggers your unhealthy eating habits? What do you do to avoid turning to junk in times of stress? 

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Awkward & Awesome Thursday

I haven’t done an Awkward & Awesome post since May. MAY! That’s six months! And trust me, there has been plenty of awkward to go around (and quite a bit of awesome too). Let’s see what I can come up with off the top of my head for this week:


  • I’m not hungry this week. I have been forcing myself to eat for three days, without actually being hungry at any point. I’m the kind of girl who usually wakes up starving, and can’t go to bed without a midnight snack, so I’m going to chalk this one up to stress, and really hope that it passes soon. I miss enjoying my food! Fellow foodies can sympathize, I’m sure.
  • Cockroaches. Oh. My. God. COCKROACHES. A couple months ago my building underwent major construction on the ground level. They dug up the basement in two apartments made them bi-level. I think the cockroaches that were living down there decided they would “move on up,” to the fifth floor, to be exact. We’re not infested, but the frequency that we find these suckers is increasing, and I don’t have room for any more roommates. I’ve done my homework and I know it’s not my fault that they’re there. If you’re thinking I must be a slob, read this awesome post.

…seriously? Gross.

  • Our uninvited visitors are actually the least of our worries. Our hot water has been out twice this week, and for no good reason. We live on the Upper East Side, we were lucky enough to be untouched by Hurricane Sandy, but I still had to choose between a freezing cold shower this morning, or dirty hair and smelly feet for my client meetings. I chose the cold shower, and my body has not worked its way back to normal temperature yet.


  • First off, like I said, we were lucky in regards to the storm. So many people have lost so much, and Sandy was only a category one. I cannot begin to imagine what people went through with Katrina. Another “awesome,” is all that everyone is doing to help. I have seen so many posts on Facebook of people rallying together to get donations and volunteer to clean up, and I am proud of my city (NYC), and my home state of New Jersey. I know we will get through this, and I hope those impacted don’t have to suffer much longer.
  • I’ve been to three concerts in the last week: Grouplove, Shiny Toy Guns and Motion City Soundtrack. Grouplove was AMAZING. The others were great too, but Grouplove just stands out. We danced our faces off in a confetti cloud during the finale, it was an amazing night.

Grouplove’s magical looking set

Shiny Toy Guns

Motion City Soundtrack

  • I have a bunch of upcoming travel plans that I’m getting very excited for. In exactly three weeks I’ll be hopping on a plane to San Diego to visit my sister. I’m going to try on bridesmaid dresses, taste wedding cake, and bake cookies with my sister. Then, on Christmas night, Jamie, our friend Casey and I are going to Zurich, Switzerland. We’re going to pick up our homeboy Kevin who ditched us for European life a few months ago, and we’re all going to head to Berlin for New Year’s. I love America, but there’s something so exciting about knowing that I will ring in the New Year in another country.

So there you have it, a big, old Awkward & Awesome post. And now some questions:

Have you ever had a cockroach/rodent problem? Please tell me your horror/success stories – I want to know that I’m not alone!

Have you been to any good concerts lately? Do tell!

Any holiday travel plans?


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LinkUps: Inspiration from Around the Web

I’ve been finding it difficult to blog this week. Everything seems trivial in the shadow of Hurricane Sandy. The storm has passed, but there is still so much work to be done to clean all of the areas that were hit. Jamie and I were lucky – the Upper East Side was completely spared. But I think our building felt sympathy, because this morning our hot water went out. This is also trivial in comparison to what others are going through.

Since I haven’t been writing much, here are some highlights of what I’ve been reading this week:

Image courtesy of Meals and Moves

Janeetha of Meals and Moves blogged about switching to an oil cleansing method to clean her face. Sound weird? I guarantee you this is more popular than it seems. It’s not the first time I’ve heard mention of this method, but hearing it again and seeing Janetha’s healthy skin puts me one step closer to trying it!

Image courtesy of Feel Good Foodies

My Feel Good Foodies partner Alycia baked a healthy banana bread recipe, and was kind enough to share it with our readers.

Image courtesy of The Pioneer Woman

The Pioneer Woman is giving away three Le Creuset 9-Quart Round French Ovens, in a gorgeous “Flame” color. This item has been on my wish list for…oh about three years. All you have to do is comment on her post – the winner will be announced today!

Image courtesy of CPW

Jonique of Confessions of a Product Whore posted a simple and chic DIY, transforming a pair of boring flats into something extraordinary.

Were you inspired by something you read this week? Share some links in the comments section!