Awkward & Awesome Thursday: Concust and Almost Homeless


  • I have a concussion. I hit my head with a door on Sunday morning, simply because I am clumsy and was tired, and I woke up Monday with a bruise and lots of fun symptoms like dizziness, nausea, headaches, etc., which annoyed me enough by Wednesday to finally go to the doctor. The diagnosis? “You have a mild concussion. Rest your brain.” No TV, no computer… pretty impossible. So the headaches are here to stay for a while.
  • To add insult to injury (quite literally, pun intended), silly me had an eye exam directly after being diagnosed with a concussion. This was my second eye exam ever in my short lifetime, and I’m pretty sure they never gave me the eye drops that make your vision blurry for two hours the first time around. So, I left the doctor, went to work, and strained my eyes for a while, giving myself the hugest headache known to man. Someone call the karma police, seriously, this is not in any way fair. 
  • Our lease is up at the end of March, and Jamie and I have no idea if we’re staying or going. That’s okay in New York though, it’s oddly hard to plan a move more than two weeks in advance because of how quickly apartments turn over, but the planner in me is FREAKING OUT.


  • Everything “awesome” has to do with fitness today. Awesome #1: hot yoga (also awkward). I’m a super beginner at yoga and probably shouldn’t be doing it in normal temperatures, but I’ve started going to hot yoga once per week. I can’t do half the poses, and I have to leave the room once per class – I am admittedly not yet a yogi – but I absolutely love it. I think I could sit in child’s pose the whole 90 minutes and still sweat it out more than a normal workout.
  • Awesome #2: Pilates reformer. I’ve been taking classes for about three weeks and I’m pretty much addicted. If you’re not familiar, Pilates reformer is different from regular Pilates mat workouts. The reformer machine uses springs for resistance and really helps you achieve stretches and positions you cannot do on your own. My goal is to strengthen my core in order to improve other things such as my posture and running.

That’s all I’ve got this week. I feel pretty boring, so to compensate, here are some awesome pictures of the lovely Giovanna and me from last weekend, courtesy of Photobot 3000:

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Awkward & Awesome Thursday: The YouTube Heavy Edition


  • I tried my luck at my first 90-minute hot yoga class this week. Never mind that despite hydrating thoroughly I still got dizzy and had to curl into child’s pose multiple times, the awkward is that my neon pink sports bra bled bright pink through my white t-shirt, onto the white towel, etc. Has this ever happened to you? I’ve washed this bra so many times, but I’m wondering if all the extra color could have been from the Color Run many many months ago. Regardless, walking around with the pink outline of a bra painted on your back is certainly an awkward way to end your Tuesday.
  • There is a cars-hitting-cars epidemic going down on my street. I’ve seen a total of THREE cars carelessly bang around others in order to fit into parking spaces (or get out of parking spaces) where they don’t belong. I keep my car in New Jersey and you can bet big money that I won’t be leaving it on the city streets any time soon.
  • This morning there was a dog barking his head off outside of an unopened pet store like he WANTED IN. Homeboy was craving his kibbles and bits, I guess. I passionately regret not videotaping it and uploading to Vine.


  • Whitening your teeth with banana peels. Barefoot Blonde explains how in this YouTube video:

    Also, I read that if you have trouble opening bananas – you know, when the stem gets all bendy and just won’t break – you should do it like a gorilla would: pinch the BOTTOM of the banana, it pops right open! This was enough to amaze me, but I’m easily amazed.

  • Three weeks ago I switched jobs, returning to the job that I LOVED but left about seven months ago. Last week, I was eating out with a friend and our waitress brought over two flutes of champagne from, “the gentlemen at the bar.” Oh, the excitement! My thoughts: I don’t even look good today, no one ever randomly buys me a drink, I only see this happen in movies! I looked up and saw two old colleagues at the bar, wanting to wish me good luck on my return. It was so sweet, I was tickled pink. This was a moment that I will not soon forget.
  • Bad Books! I saw Bad Books at Bowery Ballroom last night and they KILLED it. I was able to take one decent video from the show:

If you’re not a fan yet, you can stream their whole album on their website. Give it a listen and you will be hooked.