ShoeDazzle March Showroom

Today is expected to be a beautiful 60 degrees! Spring has been making surprise visits for the past month or so, but the anticipation for the season to truly arrive is definitely here – and retail is showing it. I’m so excited for all the bright colors and pastels that are popping up in storefronts.

While I haven’t been particularly enthused by any of the shoes in my ShoeDazzle showroom the past few months, I thought that most of the March picks were at least fun to look at. I love the feature they have where you can view your friends’ showrooms, so I thought I would share my showroom with you. Here it is in all its glory:
I’m especially a fan of Nicci and Rita. What do you think? 

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Rachel Bilson’s Shoe Mint Launches Friday

It appears that Rachel Bilson is gearing up to give Kim Kardashian a run for her money! ShoeMint, Bilson’s collaboration with her stylist Nicole Chavez and, one of my personal favorites, Steve Madden launches this Friday.
The e-commerce shoe site has many similarities to Kim Kardashian’s ShoeDazzle. The site is members only. At sign up, you fill out a brief style survey and you are sent a showroom of shoes monthly to choose from. Each pair costs $79.98, with the option to skip the month. ShoeDazzle’s shoes are $39.95 per pair, and while I do like ShoeDazzle, I have a hunch that the price differential will be justified by better quality with ShoeMint.
While ShoeMintisn’t up just yet, they are offering some pre-launch rewards. If you sign up now, you are automatically added to a drawing for a pair of free shoes every month for a year! That’s reason enough for me to sign up. They also are boasting some serious referral incentives:
Refer 2+ friends and get $25 off your first pair
Refer 10+ friends and get $40 off your first pair
Refer 40+ friends and Pay only $1 for your first pair (limited to first 100 hundred people)
So, hop on over to ShoeMint now, before Thanksgiving madness is in full swing, and refer your friends! Check the site out on Friday, and look forward to my thoughts over the weekend. Happy shoe shopping!

Accessory Steals

When I moved to NYC I felt like my wardrobe was drab and lacking the trendy edge I was suddenly surrounded by. Stifled with the daunting task of replacing/upgrading all of my clothes, I asked a clothing designer friend for tips on affordable places to shop in the city. Her words of advice? Keep my clothes and accessorize!
Send The Trend, a newer website fronted by designer Christian Siriano, helps us budgetistas stay on top of the trends without spending all of our money on accessories.
Similar to ShoeDazzle, Send The Trend is a free, membership based site, offering sunglasses, jewelry, scarves and more at $29.95 per item. When you register you can take a style survey, and Send The Trend arranges a gallery of accessories suited to your style monthly. Shipping is always free, and they offer discount codes often. Right now you can received $5 off your purchase with the code 5OFF.  *Not 5OFFER, sorry about that!*
Mr. Siriano designed a December line called Regal Estate, that I’m in love with! The vintage-feel is right up my alley. Here are some of my favorites from Send the Trend:


Now when shopping I look for two things: simple, classic clothing items that won’t go out of style and statement pieces to spice up my wardrobe, such as jewelry, jackets and belts. Where do you find accessory steals? 

These Sites put YOU in Control

Would you like a more customized shopping experience? I know two websites that go the extra mile to put you in control.

1. finds sales on your favorite brands in your size and delivers them to your inbox for free. You can select how often you receive sale alerts, and it saves you a ton of time searching different websites. I get mine on Mondays and Wednesdays, it makes my long days move a little faster! Follow the link above to get a private invite to the site!

2. Shoe Dazzle This shoe society was founded by Kim Kardashian who also acts as the Chief Stylist. You register on the site, fill out a quick style survey, and receive 5 shoe recommendations per month via email. You can choose a pair of shoes, request new recommendations, or opt to skip the month. After you select your shoes you are  charged $39.95 and they are shipped to you. There is no charge if you skip a month, and if you don’t like the shoes you can send them back for free. Check out the pic to see my first pair 
( I just got them in the mail today!)