Birchbox Favorites

The reason I joined Birchbox almost one full year ago was to practice my favorite principle of “try before you buy.” Each month, for only $10, Birchbox mails a box of large or full sized products for sampling. There is almost always one full sized product that makes the month worth the $10. Since joining, I’ve been exposed to many products that I like, but there are a handful that my improved beauty regimen just cannot live without. Here are my top three:

Eyeko eyeliner
Image courtesy of polyvore

1. Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner– this liquid eyeliner’s pen-style applicator is a life-saver. I like that the applicator is skinny because I can do a thin liner or build up to a thicker look. The company also makes a fat eye stick for a smudgier look, but I’ll stick with my skinny.

2. Miss Jessie’s® Original Quick Curls – August was the best month to receive this amazing curl cream. The cream’s moisturizing botanicals kept my curls calm and lightweight, giving them a very soft and natural look, which is not easy for me to achieve in the late, humid East Coast summer.

Image courtesy of
3. Tarte LipSurgence™ lip tint: I’m not huge on lip color – at least I didn’t used to be – but this product is amazing. Birchbox gave a full-sized sample in August. I already had this lip tint in a deep red and a light pink, and Birchbox  gave me ‘Joy’ – the stick looks orange but it goes on in a deep peachy color that is just perfect for any season. I wear this tint just about every day.

Do you have an favorite products thanks to Birchbox?

Awkward & Awesome…Friday

  • It’s Friday, not Thursday. Awkward & Awesome is posted on Thursdays. I was too busy yesterday to blog and I cannot let another week pass without filling you lovelies in on the awkward and awesome. So my breaking tradition = awkward, but not unprecedented (yes, I’ve done this before).
  • My first VoxBox from Influenster came today! Influenster is an online community where trendsetters can provide feedback on products. This should get filed under awesome –  I’m so excited to be part of this program and share product reviews with you! But the theme of the box is Love, so the side has a bright pink sticker that says “Love VoxBox.” It’s just sitting pretty on my desk in the office and people are probably wondering what’s in the love box. I assure you it’s nothing naughtyJ.
  • I woke up late for work this morning. Like SUPER late. I then proceeded to spend 15 minutes looking for my “Go The Extra Mile” Kate Spade bangle, only to find it on my desk when I got into work. Then I left my BlackBerry in a conference room for half a day. I wonder where I left my brain, because I’m pretty sure it’s not in my head.
  • I’m staying in New York this weekend. Wahoo! I’m so happy to be here now that the weather is warming up. I’ve made a point to not make plans this weekend. I just want to wander and go to the park all day on Sunday. What are your weekend plans?
  • I’m going to tell you all about my new blog next week. Are you excited? I am!
  • Birchbox and Dermalogica are holding an event on March 15, and it’s right near my office!  They’ll be giving complimentary skin analyses and treatments, and of course samples. The only problem is that the guest list is already full, so fingers crossed that some spots open up.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Bored of Birchbox? Maybe MyGlam is for you.

If you’ve read my blog in the past three months, it’s probably pretty apparent that I’m a fan of Birchbox. The element of surprise and the super-sized samples are more than enough to convince me to cough up a Hamilton each month and wait in anticipation for my package to arrive.
I was a bit surprised when other blogger reviews seemed less pleased with their monthly loot. Different strokes for different folks? Well, if that’s the case I’ve found another “stroke,” if you will: My Glam sends you a monthly “glam bag,” also for $10, which contains 4-5 full-sized products or deluxe-sized samples. Unlike Birchbox, MyGlam is more focused on makeup, and leaves the other beauty products out. You can check out the December bag here. It also looks like a cute cosmetic bag is included in every offer – a lovely added bonus for an over-organizer like me!
The site must be catching on too, because it seems they may be experiencing some growing pains. I signed up for the site last night, but was too lazy to get off my tuckus and find my credit card to complete the order. I tried to go back this morning, and it appears the small window of opportunity has closed. But fret not, you can still register to join the community, and select to be notified when subscriptions open back up.
Do you already subscribe to MyGlam? Tell me what you think!

November Birchbox

Hello bloggies! I’m sorry for neglecting you lovely readers for the past week or so – eveything has been so busy, and I needed to take a short hiatus.

But I’m back, and with SAMPLES to review! Some of you may remember my recent post about Birchbox, a website that sends a goodie bag (ok, it’s a box) of glam samples monthly, for a mere charge of $10. Well, today I received my first Birchbox. I had been away on business since Thursday, so arriving to a package on my desk this morning was a nice surprise.

(please excuse the poor quality of my Blackberry photos!)

I opened up the box to see my goodies for the month:

My first thought? “Kate Spade – IT’S LIKE THEY KNOW ME!” While I thought the samples would be a tad bigger, I was very happy with the Kate Spade – Twirl fragrance. It’s fruity and floral, and it’s going on my want list.

Next up? Zoya nail polish in, “Noel.” This color is bright blue and sparkly, and has great shimmer and dimension. I only tested it on one nail, but plan to give it a real test run soon.

The Jouer lip enhancer went on a little thick, but not sticky. While I wasn’t a huge fan of the texture, I did feel that my lips were hydrated and noticably softer.

The bigger bottle you see in the image above is Thymes Eucalyptus Body Lotion. I love this scent! It’s so clean and soothing, and it stays with you for a while longer than most scented lotions do. I liked the smooth but not greasy texture, and my hands are noticably softer, hours after application. This little guy is staying on my desk at work.

So that’s my Birchbox this month! Well worth the ten buckaroos! What did you get in your Birchbox?

Monthly beauty samples? Yes please!

Confession of the week: I’m a beauty product snob. I’ve tried to find drug store brand substitutes for my beauty regimen, but the cheap stuff always leaves me high and dry, wishing I hadn’t strayed from my trusty name brands.

I also like to switch it up and try new things. I’m a huge advocate of the “try before you buy” theory. Sephora has been my best friend in making that possible – they will give you a sample of pretty much anything – but usually the samples are way too small to figure out if the product is worth the price tag.

So, today I became way more excited than a normal person should when I stumbled upon a little internet gem called Birchbox. A $10 monthly membership with Birchbox gets you four or five generously sized luxe beauty samples. I’m giddy at the thought of receiving a surprise beauty package every month!

I checked their brand list before joining, and everything looks up to par. If you like a product and buy the full-size version from their site, you receive points towards future purchases. I hate to say it, but this may end up weaning me off of my Sephora obsession. If you’re interested in Birchbox stay tuned; I plan to post reviews of the service and the monthly goodies I receive.