Awkward & Awesome Thursday: The Blues

For some reason, this week feels like it is dragging. The mid-week messy weather is totally bringing me down, and I’m wondering why Mother Nature decided to tease us with such lovely spring like weather last week. Doesn’t she know this is how people catch the Blues?

  • I have about three blog posts that are 95% written, sitting as drafts. I suddenly can’t finish anything I start! Finishing these posts is my goal for the weekend and now that it’s here on the internet for all of you lovely readers to see, I have to do it, right?
  • Jamie broke my juicer this morning, and I’m totally letting it ruin my day. Juicers are expensive, and I use mine almost every day. I should probably just look at this as an opportunity to upgrade, but I so was not ready to do that yet.
  • My friend Alycia shared this interactive map from the New York Times, and I feel so uncomfortable seeing the violations of  some of my favorite restaurants. Cockroaches? No thank you. The difference between grade A and grade B is astronomical! It is good to be a knowledgeable consumer though –they need to turn this bad boy into an iPhone app.
  • Alycia and I went to The Smith last night for dinner. It was my first time in their ‘new’ location in Midtown East, and it was just as good as the downtown original. The Smith is officially my favorite spot for girldates. From cocktails to dessert, dinner was perfection.
  • Blogger Makenzie Horan of Design Darling launched her Design Darling Boutique today. I highly recommend hopping over there to see her selection of preppy interiors and accessories.
  • My favorite NYC salon has a Bloomspot deal today! It’s $35 dollars for a haircut, style and Moroccan Oil treatment. You really can’t beat that in NYC. I bought this last time they had a deal and LOVED it! If you purchase, make sure you schedule you’re appointment with Nick, he’s the best.
Since I’m blue (da ba di) today, here are some other lovely blues for you:


Awkward & Awesome Thursday – What Are You Wearing for NYE?

This is my last A&A post before the New Year. Today is also the only day that I’m in the office for the week, and it is at about half capacity. I actually miss my co-workers and am excited to come back to a full bustling office next week (next year?)! I skipped A&A last week and I’m sorry! I don’t have much to offer to compensate this week, but here it is:
  1. Two days ago I had my brother and sister over for dinner at my apartment. I bought Jamie a Meatball Shop cookbook for Christmas (which is incredibly awesome), and he decided to cook a recipe called “Grandma’s Balls.” This recipe was quite interesting, and produced delicious delicious balls. Why is this awkward? My brother is the pickiest eater I know. When we were little he would cry if a mustard bottle touched him. No joke – the BOTTLE not even the mustard. I refrained from telling him that there was chicken liver in the meatballs. I felt super guilty until I spoke with my mom and she said that he mentioned seeing the recipe in the book. I’m surprised he wasn’t more fazed by the secret ingredient, but now I’m evilly plotting to find a way to make him eat mushrooms or seafood.
  2. We still don’t have concrete plans for NYE. There are a bunch of parties/ bar outings, but for some reason we just can’t commit yet. New Year’s is two days away and I don’t even know how to dress, because I have no idea where I’ll be! How’s a girl supposed to pick out her finest sequins without knowing the dress code? Some ideas:
ASOS – Sequin T-shirt Dress With a Scoop Back (also comes in black!)
($90.90 – 10% off with code LATE10) – C. Luce Midnight Kiss Dress – How appropriate! ($62.99)
No Matter which style I go with two things are certain: tights and high-heel booties! Oh yes, and a metallic clutch.
  1. The holidays were incredibly awesome. Boyfriend and I experienced a traditional Swedish Christmas Eve dinner with some of his family, and Christmas dinner with mine. And everyone decided to spoil me rotten this year. EVERYONE.  Highlights include a new wardrobe courtesy of boyfriend, which includes Diesel, Free People and other random, lovely things, and  a MacBook Air (!), from my parents! It was excessive in all the best of ways and I can’t even begin to list all of the other wonderful gifts from the wonderful people in my life! I hope that I made them all happy this holiday too!
  2. Jamie and I booked a trip this February for Paris, Prague and Copenhagen! I’m so beyond excited! Project find warm outerwear starts now! We’ll be staying with friends in Paris, and then venturing out to Prague and Copenhagen on our own. Recommended winter activities in these cities are more than welcome!
  3. EDIT: Also awesome, this website. Thanks Dave!

What’s awkward and awesome about your week? Do you have NYE plans? Will you be decked out in sequins??  X0 Happy Shopping!