A Somewhat Vanilla Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Good morning! It’s Thursday, and you know what that means: Awkward & Awesome post time. I’ve had a rather uneventful week, but I was able to find some awkward and awesome moments this morning.

1.       Letting my metrocard fall into my the abyss of my purse, and having to search for 10 minutes in the subway station, convinced that I had dropped it on the street. When I finally found it I ran down the 3,000 stairs to the downtown platform, to find that I JUST missed the train. I was a disheveled mess.
2.       The jeep that ran a red light as I was crossing the street this morning. I know it’s not a busy street, but I’m pretty sure I had the right of way there!
3.       Writing this post on the subway.
4.       The PAPERBOMB that is my desk right now. I’m very close to being buried in papers. Time to start digging my way out!
1.       My boyfriend! At the risk of sounding completely cheesy he is SO awesome. I’m having a very busy few weeks at work right now, and he called me midday yesterday wanting to take me out to dinner. We had the best dinner at Pata Negra, a cozy tapas spot in the East Village. It was just what I needed to decompress.
2.       Friends and Family time! I’ve been getting so many 20% off coupons in the mail right now, it’s ridic. I know nobody likes junk mail, but I HIGHLY recommend getting on the mailing list for your favorite retailers – it totally pays off during the holidays.
3.       Red cups are back at Starbucks as of Nov. 1 – they never waste any time! The holidays are here!
4.       My best friend and my mom are awesome, and their birthdays are both tomorrow! Happy Birthday! I can’t wait to celebrate with them this weekend. 
 Tell me something awkward and awesome about your week!