Monday Motivation: Bikini-Ready in Two Weeks?

Late Friday boyfriend and I decided we’re going to run away to Florida for Memorial Day weekend. I was so excited that I went straight from work to find a sexy little something to wear on the beach. I found a bikini I like, but still feel like I’m about a month away from how I want to look in it – I tend to embrace the “winter layer,” and let’s face it, the weather’s been acting more wintery than we’d like for Spring this season…

Do a little more each day than you think you possibly can

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So, I’ve been searching for extra ways to get my booty into gear, and make the most of the next two weeks. Here’s what I’ve got:

And of course I’ll be hitting the gym a bit extra – hopefully starting the Summer schedule and sticking to it!

What do you do to keep on track during beach season? 

Awkward and Awesome Thursday – on a Thursday for Once!

Do you ever feel like you’re in a hamster wheel? Round and round it goes until you stop to go to sleep. And then you wake up and hop right back on. I’ve been feeling this way on and off for a few weeks, but today I finally feel like I’m setting my own pace. I want to “spring clean” everything (!), and I think that’s the antidote to my hamster wheel feeling.
Anyway, if that isn’t an awkward way  to start off an awkward & awesome post, I don’t know what is.
  • My volume of posting has gone down down down. I think about my blog and you readers all the time. I take pictures, I draft ideas for posts…but do they make it to the web? Not so often. I have “posting block,”…or maybe “blogger’s block?” Is that a thing? Can anyone relate? Am I…insane? (Probably). I’m also feeling some serious deja vu right now. Have I had this problem before?
  •  I started working with a personal trainer last week. While I’m proud that I’m making this commitment to getting in better shape, I will never get over how embarrassing it is to do burpees in front of people (or at all). Good thing I usually go at 7a.m. when the gym is pretty much empty.
  • And the most awkward of all – I had something incredibly, wonderfully knock-your-socks-off awkward to share with you. It’s the reason that I started drafting this post, and now I can’t remember what it was. It is killing me. Short-term memory of a goldfish? Awkward.
  • Television is awesome. So many shows, so little time. This sounds lazy and counter-productive, but I don’t care one little bit. I am loving everything on HBO and Showtime right now. Cheers to being a Sunday night couch potato.
  • Like I mentioned, it’s officially Spring cleaning time and I’m starting with my closet. This weekend I will undergo an organizing spree, and then I will plan my belated assault on Spring shopping. Look forward to some updates on everything I’m coveting, buying, getting rid of, etc.
  • I’m also planning some diet ‘spring cleaning’ and am contemplating a raw food cleanse. Read my blog post in Feel Good Foodies about refocusing on health this month. Have you done a cleanse? How did it go?
  • The new arrivals at Kate Spade are too wonderful. I WILL update with my favorites soon.
That’s all for now. No promises, but I’m going to definitely try to post more next week.

Zeroing in on Our April Goal

For our goal this month, Alycia and I decided that we will refocus on health. First, I would like to share a lovely smoothie recipe from Linda Wagner. Linda is participating in a 10 day raw food cleanse, and this yummy treat was the kickoff recipe. Alycia and I are planning to try a similar raw food cleanse at some point this month. (OK, maybe we’re going to actually mirror Linda’s…we’ll see!). Here is the smoothie:
  • 2 bananas
  • 1 10 ounce bag of frozen strawberries
  • 1 10 ounce bag of frozen mangoes
  • 2 large handfuls of baby spinach
  • 1.5 cups Almond Milk Kefir – love this stuff and what it’s done for my body and well being!! I can’t make a green smoothie without it!
  • 2 droppers full of Vanilla Stevia
Blend in a high speed blender until smooth. This recipe makes about 64 ounces so should be enough for two large servings. If you don’t want that much, simply cut the recipe in half.
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Now I would like to share what triggered my need to refocus on health this month. This post is a little dense, but completely necessary to create a baseline for my goal.  I personally was disappointed with myself in March, and in dire need of motivation. At the end of March (almost 3 weeks ago) I attended a medical conference in Chicago, and got the push that I needed. The conference had those machines that calculate your weight, blood pressure, BMI, body fat percentage, etc. Let me tell you – the numbers that I saw did not make me happy. My weight was actually the EXACT number that I’ve deemed my tipping point. This is the weight where I stop allowing myself to make excuses, and I get serious about what I eat and how much I exercise.
Since that dreadful day I have lost five pounds and my body fat content has gone down a decent amount, mostly due to diet. In the last few weeks I’ve made a point of bringing lunch to work instead of buying, and I’ve started cooking healthier dinners and making my own juices again. I usually only make it to the gym about two times per week, and that didn’t change much in the past few weeks, but I’ve added more weights and more running to my workouts.
I would like to lose a total of 15-20 pounds from the number at my ‘bad’ weigh-in. To accomplish this I’ve finally ponied up the money to hire a personal trainer. I know that I don’t self-motivate well, and I’ve worked with great trainers in the past that have gotten me in tip top shape for bikini season. I had my first session today and I am so incredibly pumped. I aim to train twice per week, and go to the gym twice on my  own, which will double my days in the gym.
I’ll be sure to check in every couple of weeks and share my progress, along with some healthy, yummy recipes that Alycia and I discover when we try our raw food cleanse. 
Do you have any healthy goals this month? 

January Goal: New Habits

Alycia and I have decided that each month we will set a goal together. We will announce our goals on the first of each month, and try to commit to them through our blog. At the end of the month we will recap our progress. We hope that you will participate with us! This month we are focusing on creating new habits – and next month we should probably focus on keeping them!

While we just made this goal today, I can confidently say that it is something I’ve been working at for the past few weeks. My greatest New Year’s resolution is to live a more balanced life. This may be a cliche goal, but it is also a sensible one.

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My first step in the right direction has been adding a spinning class to my weekly routine. I should tell you that I have an irrational fear of group fitness, so this is not as easy as it sounds. I am also NOT a morning person, so the class being at 6:30 a.m. on Wednesdays does not help my cause either! My biggest hope is that I can break the habit of hiring a personal trainer every time I feel l need to re-motivate, and start the habit of using the resources that are already included in my too-expensive NYC gym membership. The extra spurt of energy mid-week isn’t a bad perk either!

Do you have a new habit you want to start this month?