Restaurant Review: SUD Vino & Cucina

It is not easy to find an Italian restaurant that doesn’t make me wish I had just invited myself over to my grandmother’s house for dinner, but Sud makes the shortlist.

I just recently moved to Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn, and my friend Alycia and I thought it would be nice to explore my new neighborhood. We wandered Bedford Ave. on a recent Friday night after a long work week, and the warmth and relaxed vibe emanating from Sud won us over.

The restaurant itself was so cute and cozy. The fireplace and kitchen hutches in the that back made us feel like we were sitting in someone’s home, and the service was incredibly familiar and friendly.

We started with yummy (heavily poured) Pinot Grigio, and some complementary bread with olive oil. Despite the bread basket, we went ahead and ordered more bread to start – the crostini with taleggio cheese and house-made black olive tapenade. We were so pleased to find that the order came with four pieces of crostini – generous for $8 compared to the Manhattan prices we are used to! The crostini were savory with a little bit of sweet, just perfect to hold us over for our main dishes (warning – more carbs to come).

The Sud menu is small, which I love. I subscribe to the philosophy that it’s better to do a few things very well then to do many things in a mediocre way. The menu has a pesce section, but it kind of just screams “order pasta!”, so we did.

I had the Rigatoni Alla Norma – fresh eggplant, ricotta salata and tomato sauce. The ricotta salata is salty and a little creamy, making the overall simple dish a little bit more complex and interesting. It was perfect.

Alycia ordered a pasta with veggies (I think spinach, mushrooms, etc.), garlic and olive oil. It was so simple and good.

We finished with a decadent chocolate cake and were on our way.

I expect this to become one of my neighborhood go-tos – the ambiance is perfect for conversation over dinner.


1102 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn (b/t Lexington Ave & Quincy St in Bedford-Stuyvesant)

Important to note: Sud is cash only, seemingly a trend in this neighborhood.

Awkward and Awesome Thursday – on a Thursday for Once!

Do you ever feel like you’re in a hamster wheel? Round and round it goes until you stop to go to sleep. And then you wake up and hop right back on. I’ve been feeling this way on and off for a few weeks, but today I finally feel like I’m setting my own pace. I want to “spring clean” everything (!), and I think that’s the antidote to my hamster wheel feeling.
Anyway, if that isn’t an awkward way  to start off an awkward & awesome post, I don’t know what is.
  • My volume of posting has gone down down down. I think about my blog and you readers all the time. I take pictures, I draft ideas for posts…but do they make it to the web? Not so often. I have “posting block,”…or maybe “blogger’s block?” Is that a thing? Can anyone relate? Am I…insane? (Probably). I’m also feeling some serious deja vu right now. Have I had this problem before?
  •  I started working with a personal trainer last week. While I’m proud that I’m making this commitment to getting in better shape, I will never get over how embarrassing it is to do burpees in front of people (or at all). Good thing I usually go at 7a.m. when the gym is pretty much empty.
  • And the most awkward of all – I had something incredibly, wonderfully knock-your-socks-off awkward to share with you. It’s the reason that I started drafting this post, and now I can’t remember what it was. It is killing me. Short-term memory of a goldfish? Awkward.
  • Television is awesome. So many shows, so little time. This sounds lazy and counter-productive, but I don’t care one little bit. I am loving everything on HBO and Showtime right now. Cheers to being a Sunday night couch potato.
  • Like I mentioned, it’s officially Spring cleaning time and I’m starting with my closet. This weekend I will undergo an organizing spree, and then I will plan my belated assault on Spring shopping. Look forward to some updates on everything I’m coveting, buying, getting rid of, etc.
  • I’m also planning some diet ‘spring cleaning’ and am contemplating a raw food cleanse. Read my blog post in Feel Good Foodies about refocusing on health this month. Have you done a cleanse? How did it go?
  • The new arrivals at Kate Spade are too wonderful. I WILL update with my favorites soon.
That’s all for now. No promises, but I’m going to definitely try to post more next week.

Awkward & Awesome – The 12 Day Week

Many apologies for the lack of posting lately – I have been a busy bee! Here is a quick overview of some awkward and awesome happenings from the past week.
  • It turns out that it’s easier to blog about food than fashion when you’re busy. You have to eat to live, but do you have to shop to live? Most would argue no. As a result, I have been updating my food blog a lot more than this one. Check out Feel Good Foodies. But be warned, side effects include sudden mouthwatering, hunger and the urge to cook.
  • I tried to attend a blogger event (which I will not name, because it probably was an awesome event), but I was so frustrated with the crowd that I just left and got a glass of wine with my friend. Hello cranky pants Christina! So not like me – awkward.
  • On Tuesday, I blogged my colleague’s entry in the Mionetto Mixology Masters Challenge. His concoction sounds so delicious, and I fully intend to serve it this weekend with a nice home-made brunch. I thought I would share with you classy readers, as you might want to do the same! Click through the post to vote on the WhiteTea Bulger, and be entered to win a trip to Vegas! Voting ends TONIGHT.
  • It’s Sephora sale time! Enter CHICWEEK at checkout to get 15% off. Don’t forget to go to the website through EBATES, in order to get 4% cash back. That’s a combined 19% savings – not too shabby!
  • Last night I attended Digital DUMBO’s monthly happy hour. I love these events! I’m not sure why I ever stopped going, but they’ve worked their way back onto my calendar now. I’ll be sure to share future happy hours in advance so you can join me! Here is a photo of myself with my friend Tiffani and the lovely camera man from the event – silly faces only (awkward). All photos are posted on the Digital DUMBO Facebook page, including some very weird, embarrassing ones of yours truly. 

Awkward & Awesome – March 12 – 18

This week was busy and jam-packed with Awesome (special announcement below), so I decided to wait until Sunday to write my Awkward & Awesome post. But first, let’s start with the short list of awkward happenings this week.
  • On weekdays, Jamie Schupack on New York 1 is my homegirl. She always tells me when there’s something up with the subway. So on Tuesday when I was already running a little late and there were delays on the F, I thought it would be smart to switch up my routine and take the NQR to work. All would have gone smoothly, except when I was running down to the track and saw two trains stopped at the station, I quickly jumped into the train on the left. The doors immediately closed behind me as I looked at the board and quickly realized I was headed for Queens. Oops. Needless to say I probably would have gotten to work quicker on the delayed F train.
  • We have been out of coffee in my apartment for about 2 weeks. It hasn’t been an issue because I drink lots of coffee at work, and Jamie had been making me delicious espresso drinks on the weekends. But yesterday we were in such a hurry to get out and celebrate St. Patty’s day, that we completely skipped coffee. The result? By 8 p.m. I had the most enormous migraine you could imagine, and it was still here when I woke up today. Now I’m faced with the decision of trying to curb my caffeine intake so this won’t happen anymore, or making sure the apartment is always stocked with coffee. Which would you choose?
  • This Thursday I really wanted to go to the Birchbox and Dermalogica event on Grand Street. I was so disappointed when I found out I had to sign up on the wait list. I had pretty much written off the event. On Thursday I received an email from the event saying that a spot had opened up – halfway into the actual event. I was already home and was not about to go back downtown. Big bummer. Did anyone attend? How was it?
  • My friend Alycia and I have started a food blog called Feel Good Foodies.We love exploring the city and the rest of the world through food, and trying to re-create those experiences in our own kitchens. Love food too? Check out my the corned beef and cabbage recipe I posted earlier today?
  • This Wednesday I attended my first blogger meet-up: a Swap ‘Til You Drop event at Wix Lounge in NYC. Spark Rebel, a collaborative fashion and shopping inspiration web site, graciously sponsored wine and snacks for the evening. The room was full of bloggers, who each brought at least 4 items to swap. I personally took home a blazer and some great beauty products. After the event, Goodwill accepted all items that were not swapped. Goodwill Industries of Greater New York and Northern New Jersey, Inc. serves roughly 160,000 persons a year, from veterans to single mothers to immigrants and more by helping them get back to work, building up pride and paychecks at the same time. You can visit them on their Facebook Fan Pageand follow them on Twitter. Please keep them in mind when you’re thinking of making a clothing donation in the future. The overall experience was great, and I’m happy to have some blogger friends in the area.
That’s all for this week. I leave you with this photo of Jamie and I plus some green moustaches. I hope everyone had a happy and safe St. Patty’s Day!