NYC Restaurant Week Reservations Now Open

Good day, Foodies! I have some exciting news for an otherwise mundane Wednesday: you can now start booking for NYC Restaurant Week.

By now, I’m sure you know the drill: three-course prix-fixe menus at over 300 of NYC’s best foodie digs ($25 for lunch and $38 for dinner). Visit to see participating restaurants, peek the menus, and most importantly, book your reservations! My Foodie partner-in-crime, Alycia, and I will be on the hunt to visit some restaurants on our 101 list, so stay tuned for updates.

This post is cross-posted from Feel Good Foodies, a fantastic food blog, if I do say so myself!

Event Alert: Shop Discounts in SoHo Tonight


A thoughtful friend just sent me a link to a lovely little shopping spree, scheduled for tonight. RSVP to shop the night away in NYC, with names like Kate Spade, Theory, DVF, and C. Wonder (just to name a few) offering 25 percent discounts on full-priced items.

Happy shopping!

Event Alert: Budweiser Made in New York Party

Hello lovelies! I’m dropping in to quickly tell you about tomorrow’s Budweiser party at Roseland Ballroom. In the wise words of Benjamin Franklin, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy,” so grab a bud and head over to Roseland tomorrow at 8 p.m. All you have to do is register through Facebook, here. Hope to see you there!
Image via Facebook

Awkward & Awesome – The 12 Day Week

Many apologies for the lack of posting lately – I have been a busy bee! Here is a quick overview of some awkward and awesome happenings from the past week.
  • It turns out that it’s easier to blog about food than fashion when you’re busy. You have to eat to live, but do you have to shop to live? Most would argue no. As a result, I have been updating my food blog a lot more than this one. Check out Feel Good Foodies. But be warned, side effects include sudden mouthwatering, hunger and the urge to cook.
  • I tried to attend a blogger event (which I will not name, because it probably was an awesome event), but I was so frustrated with the crowd that I just left and got a glass of wine with my friend. Hello cranky pants Christina! So not like me – awkward.
  • On Tuesday, I blogged my colleague’s entry in the Mionetto Mixology Masters Challenge. His concoction sounds so delicious, and I fully intend to serve it this weekend with a nice home-made brunch. I thought I would share with you classy readers, as you might want to do the same! Click through the post to vote on the WhiteTea Bulger, and be entered to win a trip to Vegas! Voting ends TONIGHT.
  • It’s Sephora sale time! Enter CHICWEEK at checkout to get 15% off. Don’t forget to go to the website through EBATES, in order to get 4% cash back. That’s a combined 19% savings – not too shabby!
  • Last night I attended Digital DUMBO’s monthly happy hour. I love these events! I’m not sure why I ever stopped going, but they’ve worked their way back onto my calendar now. I’ll be sure to share future happy hours in advance so you can join me! Here is a photo of myself with my friend Tiffani and the lovely camera man from the event – silly faces only (awkward). All photos are posted on the Digital DUMBO Facebook page, including some very weird, embarrassing ones of yours truly. 

Mionetto Mixology Masters Challenge: Vote for WhiteTea Bulger

A colleague of mine recently entered the Mionetto Mixology Masters Challengein hopes of winning a VIP trip to Vegas Uncork’d by Bon Appétit, a Private VIP Tour at the Mionetto Winery in Italy, and most importantly, bragging rights.

Sounds pretty sweet right? Well you could winthat trip to Vegas Uncork’d too, just by voting. And what better beverage to vote for than the WhiteTea Bulger: a combination of sweetened white tea, Jameson Irish whiskey (my fav!) and prosecco?
I pose two challenges to you lovely readers:
  1. Go vote for the WhiteTea Bulger, and pass it on to anyone you know who likes a good drink.
  2. Try the recipe out this weekend!
 I love this recipe for a few reasons:
  • The ingredients are simple and easy to find. No funky purees, beverage “flakes” (what is that?!), or rare liqueurs. The white tea and Jameson are actually already in my kitchen.
  • The procedure is also simple, making it easy to concoct while entertaining – there are just 5 quick steps to prepare.
  • The flavor combination sounds natural and enticing. The tea and whiskey make it the perfect beverage to kick-off a night out, but the prosecco screams, “Hey! Forget the mimosa at brunch and drink me!”
  • The name is clever. Here is the “inspiration” for the drink, courtesy of
Whitey Bulger, one of America’s most wanted for decades was the inspiration for this Boston-born cocktail. As the city’s most notorious crime boss, his spirited 20+ year run from the law took him around the world. Borrowing from the locations of Whitey’s many known hideouts; the “WhiteTea Bulger” marries the effervescent sweetness of Italian Moinetto Prosecco and the naturally sweet and slightly malty flavors of white tea with Whitey’s hometown favorite – Irish whiskey. Together, they combine to create a delicious and easy-drinking cocktail that packs an Irish punch.
WhiteTea Bulger
Photo courtesy of
– 1.5 oz – Prosecco
– 1.5 oz – Sweetened White Tea
– 0.5 oz – Jameson Irish Whiskey (or Irish whiskey of choice)
– Slice of lime
– Combine sweetened white tea with Irish whiskey in ice-filled    shaker.
– Shake well
– Pour into martini glass
– Top with Prosecco
– Squeeze lime slice and garnish glass

This Wednesday: NYC Bloggers Swap ‘til You Drop

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone in the New York area had time to frolic around in the beautiful sunshine today…this weather is amazing! I have another little something that I hope all the NYC bloggers plan to do this week…the NYC Bloggers Swap ’til You Drop event. I’m so excited to meet other bloggers from around the city. I redesigned my blog banner just yesterday, and ordered some awesome business cards, but unfortunately the business cards will not be here in time for the event (wamp, wamp). Please let me know what you think of the new look! I tried to make it a similar refresh to the old banner. But enough about me, here are the details:

NYC Bloggers Swap ‘til You Drop

Location: Wix Lounge – 10 West 18th Street, 2nd Floor
Date: Wednesday, March 14th, 2012
Time: 6-8pm

Please join Christine of The Tiny Tie Rant, Laura of LOL Beauty, Kimberlee of I Have A Degree In This!, Kristine of Beauty in NYC, and Tessa of Couture Lust for an evening of mixing, mingling and swapping with other New York City bloggers. Come sip on champagne and nibble on tasty treats all while networking and scoring great new pieces for your closet. Walk away with not only new friendships but some great new items.

As bloggers we are lucky enough to receive piles upon piles of free goodies that we feel overwhelmed. This is a chance to give another blogger an opportunity to try a new product that you no longer need or have multiples of.

Don’t forget to bring plenty of business cards!

When bringing your items for the NYC Bloggers Swap ‘til You Drop please keep in mind the following:

  • Upon arrival, we will be assigning you a number which will indicate when you’ll be able to browse all the items so please arrive promptly.
  • Please bring a minimum of 4 items but a maximum of 10 since space is limited. Be generous as the number of items you bring is the number items you are permitted to take with you.
  • Clothing, beauty and accessory items only please. We will be organizing all the items into those separate categories for you to shop.
  • Please bring new or very gently used items that might not fit anymore.
  • No undergarments or stained items.
  • No used mascaras, lipsticks or eyeliners. Only bring these items if they are unopened.
  • Please bring beauty items that you have only used for swatching purposes. You can bring gently used eye shadows, foundations, blushes, primers, etc.
  • No half used shampoo products that you want to get rid of.
  • Any items you do not swap, you must take with you at the end of the event.
  • Goodwill be in attendance to take any items you do not swap.

This is an opportunity to share products that maybe don’t work for your hair type or skin tone with someone who could benefit from it. Use your best judgement when bringing items. We look forward to having a great event!

About Wix:

Located steps from Union Square, the Wix Lounge is a completely free co-working and event space for creative professionals. Grab your laptop, pop into the Lounge and enjoy a productive workday, great networking opportunities, and amazing events. Active since 2010, the Wix Lounge is run by, a free website publishing platform providing user friendly tools for building beautiful, easy-to-make desktop, mobile, and Facebook sites. The Wix Lounge provides free support to users, giving them help and advice for making the ideal website. To learn more about the Wix Lounge, please visit
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Awkward & Awesome…Friday

  • It’s Friday, not Thursday. Awkward & Awesome is posted on Thursdays. I was too busy yesterday to blog and I cannot let another week pass without filling you lovelies in on the awkward and awesome. So my breaking tradition = awkward, but not unprecedented (yes, I’ve done this before).
  • My first VoxBox from Influenster came today! Influenster is an online community where trendsetters can provide feedback on products. This should get filed under awesome –  I’m so excited to be part of this program and share product reviews with you! But the theme of the box is Love, so the side has a bright pink sticker that says “Love VoxBox.” It’s just sitting pretty on my desk in the office and people are probably wondering what’s in the love box. I assure you it’s nothing naughtyJ.
  • I woke up late for work this morning. Like SUPER late. I then proceeded to spend 15 minutes looking for my “Go The Extra Mile” Kate Spade bangle, only to find it on my desk when I got into work. Then I left my BlackBerry in a conference room for half a day. I wonder where I left my brain, because I’m pretty sure it’s not in my head.
  • I’m staying in New York this weekend. Wahoo! I’m so happy to be here now that the weather is warming up. I’ve made a point to not make plans this weekend. I just want to wander and go to the park all day on Sunday. What are your weekend plans?
  • I’m going to tell you all about my new blog next week. Are you excited? I am!
  • Birchbox and Dermalogica are holding an event on March 15, and it’s right near my office!  They’ll be giving complimentary skin analyses and treatments, and of course samples. The only problem is that the guest list is already full, so fingers crossed that some spots open up.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Birchbox/ Jouer event in review

This Saturday my friend Julia and I met up for brunch at Barbounia and continued on to the Birchbox/ Jouer event at A Startup Store. We sipped champagne and tested some Jouer cosmetics with mini makeovers. I’m slowly falling in love with the Jouer brand! Here are some of our favorite products from the testing session:
1.      Jouer Essential Lip Enhancer – This lip conditioner is slightly tinted pink but has practically no color. Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil give your lips a moisturized smooth texture that stays. 
2.      Jouer Crème Eyeshadow in Cashmere – This creamy eyeshadow instantly made it to my ‘must have’ list. Its texture is perfect for fingertip application – which is great on the run. The color is slightly shimmery, and looks wonderful on its own, or as a base for a daytime smoky eye.
3.      Jouer Liquid Shimmer Eyeliner in Fox – I do not wear liquid eyeliner. Let me repeat that: I.Do.Not.Wear.Liquid.Eyeliner. That said, I LOVE this product. It goes on clean and the color is a perfect charcoal tint. I’m totally making the switch from my eyepencil.
The coolest thing about Jouer’s products is that the compacts snap into one another, so you can mix and match your own palette. It’s like Legos for stylish adult women!  They also sell palettes already grouped together. This one is called Jouer Sunday Brunch Signature Palette, how appropriate!
All in all the day was a success! Do you have any Jouer products? Which ones are your favorites?

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Birchbox/Jouer Shopping Event

Good afternoon and happy New Year!
I wanted to take a quick moment to share a Birchbox event that I am attending this weekend. Birchbox and Jouer Cosmetics are joining forces for some post-holiday celebration this Saturday in Chelsea. The event promises “bubbly and treats,” accompanied by mini-makeovers and special gifts with purchase. 

Let me tell you, in-store events are one of my absolute favorite highlights of NYC. Sure, you can find them all over the place, but in no other city do you “stumble” upon as many, as frequently. My lust for social shopping aside, I’ve received two different Jouer samples in past monthly Birchboxes, and I loved them both! I can’t wait to go try more goodies and sip some bubbly with my friends. I hope you’ll join me!  
Here is more info from the registration page:
Birchbox and Jouer invite you for an afternoon of indulgence: 
   Saturday, January 7th
   A Startup Store
   144 10th Avenue (at 19th street)
Want to know more about A Startup Store? Check out this article from DailyCandy.

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SheMakes Holiday Festival in Review

Hello and happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend – I know I did! Last week, I told you lovely readers about the SheMakes Holiday Festival, a gathering of 30+ female vendors, selling handmade goodies. I’m a sucker for handmade, so on Saturday I decided to leave my apartment while the sun was still up (a weekend rarity), and head down to Hudson Street to see what all the fuss was about.

I was slightly underwhelmed by the event – after attending the Renegade Craft Fair for the past couple of years, I was shocked at how small scale this event was. I could easily cover the whole room in 20 minutes. That said, there were a handful of vendors that did catch my eye, and three reasons that I’m very glad I went:

1. PeaceBOMB: This company makes bracelets and other jewelry and items out of metal from littered bombs in Laos, Vietnam from the Vietnam War. Read about the mission and impact of their effort here and here, and check out their shop. I’m obsessed.
2. MagPie: This vintage shop had GORGEOUS furs on display. I think I spent 15 minutes petting them and mentally fighting with my budget to try to make one fit. Alas, budget won and I had to walk away.
3. I’m loving this registry website. The idea is similar to Pinterest – bookmark items you’re coveting, create lists, etc. The big difference that makes all the difference? Have to Have tells you when your favorite items go on sale! Also, they have a great export feature that makes you list look pretty and blog-embeddable. Check out some of my favorite items from SheMakes via this handy list:

How was your weekend? Did you get any holiday shopping done?