Yes I’m still alive – now go stock up at Sephora!

Ok, I know my updates have been sparse – please forgive me. I have two quick reminders for you:
Number 1: USE EBATES!! My best friend told me yesterday that she made a $400 purchase with an online retailer. When I asked if she used Ebates, the answer was no. That’s 3% cash back that could have been hers – it may not sound like a lot, but it all adds up!
2.     So, that said, on to reminder number 2 – tomorrow is the last day for 15% off with Sephora! Enter CHIC at check out, or VIBs present your barcode during in-store check out for the discount. I recommend stocking up online – that’s 6% extra cash-back with Ebates.
Happy shopping!!


So I realize it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. Right after I started the blog, I began my pursuit of a Manhattan apartment. I moved into the city on April 1 and have been getting settled ever since. Needless to say I am making a bundle on Ebates with all the apartment stuff I’ve been buying! Can’t wait for my first check from them in May.

Also, if you shop at Bed, Bath and Beyond, use their mailed coupons! They never expire (regardless of the expiration dates on them) and you save a bunch.

Real update soon, I promise.

More Cash Back and Slick Deals

In the spirit of yesterday’s post I would like to draw your attention to two additional sites that provide cash back and great deals.

Microsoft Search Engine Bing has a Bing Shopping section, where you can sign up to receive cash back, just like Ebates. A friend recommended this yesterday after reading my post. I have not yet personally used this site, as I use Ebates for my cash back shopping, but I did notice that Sephora was offering 10% cash back, which is currently higher than the 8% they offer on Ebates. I recommend being a savvy shopper and comparing cash back rates on both sites before making purchases in the future.

Another website I recently became aware of but have not personally used yet is Slick Deals. Slick Deals is a user-driven deal sharing website, much like Retail Me Not. I personally like the layout of Retail Me Not a little better, but I’ll be sure to test out Slick Deals next time I’m looking for coupons and offer codes.

That all being said, what is the best cash back deal you ever received?

My Top Two Online Shopping Tools

There are two websites I refer to whenever I shop online
1. Ebates
2. Retail Me Not

Do you want to receive cash back just for shopping online? Click this link to sign up for Ebates right now, and start saving. Ebates is the home of 1200+ links to online retailers willing to give cash back to online shoppers. You simply link to stores through Ebates, make your purchases, and get a nice check in the mail quarterly, just for shopping. Stores on Ebates include everything from Barnes & Noble to Target to Urban Outfitters… almost anything you can think of. Instead of going to CVS for my regular items like hair products and deodorant, I now shop at through Ebates and receive 6% cash back!

My friend Tricia informed me about this site. Her blog Jesus Saved…Pennies Too! is a great resource for other ways to save money and budget yourself.

Retail Me Not is a one-stop-shop for coupons. After you link through Ebates to the store you want to shop at, Go to Retail Me Not and search for that store. You will find coupon codes offered by the retailer. You can copy the codes into your cart at check-out for even more savings.

I do not buy anything online before consulting with these two websites.