Birchbox/ Jouer event in review

This Saturday my friend Julia and I met up for brunch at Barbounia and continued on to the Birchbox/ Jouer event at A Startup Store. We sipped champagne and tested some Jouer cosmetics with mini makeovers. I’m slowly falling in love with the Jouer brand! Here are some of our favorite products from the testing session:
1.      Jouer Essential Lip Enhancer – This lip conditioner is slightly tinted pink but has practically no color. Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil give your lips a moisturized smooth texture that stays. 
2.      Jouer Crème Eyeshadow in Cashmere – This creamy eyeshadow instantly made it to my ‘must have’ list. Its texture is perfect for fingertip application – which is great on the run. The color is slightly shimmery, and looks wonderful on its own, or as a base for a daytime smoky eye.
3.      Jouer Liquid Shimmer Eyeliner in Fox – I do not wear liquid eyeliner. Let me repeat that: I.Do.Not.Wear.Liquid.Eyeliner. That said, I LOVE this product. It goes on clean and the color is a perfect charcoal tint. I’m totally making the switch from my eyepencil.
The coolest thing about Jouer’s products is that the compacts snap into one another, so you can mix and match your own palette. It’s like Legos for stylish adult women!  They also sell palettes already grouped together. This one is called Jouer Sunday Brunch Signature Palette, how appropriate!
All in all the day was a success! Do you have any Jouer products? Which ones are your favorites?

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