Awkward & Awesome Thursday: Compliment Your Cab Driver?


  • I keep forgetting the password to my blog. That MIGHT be why I haven’t posted in two weeks. Every time I get the motivation to share something, I try to log in so many times, that I have to reset my password, and then wait until WordPress will let me try again. I usually lose interest by that point…so sorry readers, for my shotty short-term memory. I’m working on it!
  • Boyfriend has a new job that is much more demanding of his time than the old one, and I’m learning how much he really does keep me on track to living a productive life. Case in point?
    • I have watched far too much Kardashian nonsense in the past two weeks
    • I have been surviving on take-out and leftovers because I just cannot motivate myself to cook for one person
    • There might be more random shoes and clothing (clean) strewn around the bedroom than usual. But at least I’m still making the bed every day, right?

On the up side, I have been a bit more focused on my work and maid of honor duties, and I have been going to the gym more than usual.


Sonas Denim Polk Street Ultra Skinny

Sonas Denim Polk Street Ultra Skinny

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  • I loved the article in the New York Times yesterday showcasing compliments to NYC taxi drivers. This one really made me think – there have been a handful of situations where I’ve actually written down the driver’s information with the intent of complaining to 311, but I never knew that there was also a section for taxi riders to complement their drivers!  

After three years of living in this amazing city, I have probably come across every type of cab driver possible. For every few awful drivers (incessantly talking on cell phones, taking the longer route, break-slamming, being creepy to the point that I get out and take the subway, etc.), there has been at least one amazing cab experience. Three or four specific situations come to mind, where the driver either did me a favor by picking me up while he was off duty because it was raining, did everything he could to re-route out of bad traffic or had a conversation so good that I felt like I was exiting a therapy session as I entered my apartment. I cannot wait to compliment my next good driver – they get a letter of praise in the mail when you do!

I want to hear your awkward and awesome cab driver stories! Please share in comments!

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