Relating to HBO’s ‘GIRLS’

I have to admit, last night I found my first relatable moment on the HBO series GIRLS. I watch every week in near-complete denial that this show is the supposed “voice” of my generation, but this week they finally hit close to home.

Image courtesy of HBO

Image courtesy of HBO

The episode flashes back and forth between Marni and Hannah, who are both obviously feeling lost and unhappy in their current situations. Marni has just found out that the man she thought was her boyfriend is not as interested in a relationship, and Hannah is feeling lonely while also struggling with her writing, which still hasn’t made her a penny of income.

Near the end of the episode, they call each other for comfort (both near tears), but both act as if everything is alright – nothing could be better. This scene is the part that hit home.

Why do we do this (or am I the only one who has)? What changes in our mid-twenties that makes us shameful over our dissatisfaction with life? Are we so afraid of letting even our best friends know that we may have made a wrong decision, or that we’re not living the picture-perfect New York City (or whatever city) life we had imagined?

This doesn’t relate to me at this very moment – I’m actually quite secure and happy these days – but there have been moments in the past three years where I wished for a friend to talk to, but couldn’t bear the thought of actually disclosing my unhappiness. It all makes loneliness seem very self-inflicted. And, when I do finally swallow my pride enough to have a real conversation with someone who cares, I feel so much better. The right friend can not only comfort but also empower you.

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

1 thought on “Relating to HBO’s ‘GIRLS’

  1. Aw yeah I think sometimes we get too prideful and don’t want to show that we’re struggling. But I also think with the show “Girls” and girls in general we feel like the other person should know we’re unhappy. I felt like in that scene but were reaching out hoping the other one would ask “are you okay?” so they could just burst into tears “no I’m not” plus they recently had a big fight.

    I’m also iffy about the show. I like the conversations Lena Dunham is sparking. Often get into fights/heated discussions hehe with my male friends about her body. She’s questioning the norm of what we see on TV and challenges our perceptions (or maybe I’ve giving her too much credit) but other than that I’m not a big fan of the show.

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