La Mer Watches for Under Fifty Dollars

Happy Election Day! If you haven’t gone out to vote yet – get to it! I’m personally one of the first people of this country to ever vote via email — NJ voters are able to do so due to displacement from the storm. Today marks my tiny footprint on American history.

I know that there are lots of important things to talk about today, what with natural disasters and Americans voting on who will lead the country for the next four years – but a work friend shared some frivolous news that I just cannot keep to myself. La Mer watches are available at Target.

I know, right? They’re just fabulous. While these puppies normally cost between $98-$188, the $39.99-$49.99 price point is a steal, and the quality appears to be a big step up from my lame knock-off that is admittedly falling apart on my wrist as I type.

I now know the first item on my Holiday wish list. Who’s with me? Would you wear this less expensive version of La Mer?

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