The Tale of the Sequin Shorts

Is there an item in your closet that you are just downright afraid to wear? You probably spend hours thinking of how to style it, trying on outfit after outfit but in the end always deciding that this special item will never see the light of day?
This may be an “Awkward Christina” problem, but I have a pair of gold sequin shorts from Express, purchased almost exactly one year ago, that have never left my bedroom runway. Allow me to add the disclaimer that I am more of a “dive-bar with the boyfriend” kind of girl, and rarely embark on a night out dancing with girlfriends, so opportunities to wear such a stand-out piece rarely present themselves. This past New Year’s Eve I got as far as styling and wearing the shorts while I primped for the night out, only to change immediately before leaving the apartment, for fear of my reflective ass offending the general public.
So, it is with great pride that I would like to announce that I FINALLY wore my gold sequin shorts this Saturday night. It may not seem like a big deal to you readers, but for me this is an epic milestone in justifying the space that they occupy in my over-crowded NYC closet.
And what event succeeded in bringing these beauties out of hiding? My Feel Good Foodies partner Alycia’s bachelorette party. I met up with the bachelorette and her bridal party at Haute Air in SoHo, where we all had our hair done and sipped champagne before a legendary night on the town.
Me and the beautiful bride-to-be!
Not too terrible, right? So tell me, what is your “scared to wear” item? I challenge you to pull it out of your closet and wear it!

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