Dressing My Nook

I have some pretty big news that I neglected to share with you a few weeks back: I have a new job! So, today was “Day 12” of the new gig, and I’m happy to say that it is as good of a fit for me as I thought it would be.

What does this have to do with anything fashion or shopping related? Absolutely nothing. That said, lifetime milestones sometimes result in lovely presents from special people, and the boyfriend took this opportunity to surprise me with a nook.
After hours of perusing the internet for a proper cover, I finally landed on the Jonathan Adler Chevron Cover in Pink from Barnes & Noble. 
I was forced to ignore my love for everything Kate Spade, because Mr. Adler was smart enough to put little pockets inside the cover, and I am, after all, a paper-hoarder at heart.
Besides the Kate Spade finalist, serious handmade runner-ups were as follows:
1. Kate Spade // 2. OhKoey on etsy // 3. LinasStitch on etsy
4. gothiccreations on etsy // 5. MommaBearsApronsMore on etsy // 6. ModDotTextiles on etsy
So there you have it – you can blame my boyfriend for my lack of blogging, because I have been immersed in books for the past month and a half. Which is your favorite cover?

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