Awkward and Awesome: Playing Dress Up

My poor blog has been dormant for over a week, which clearly means I owe you an awkward and awesome post. To be extra awesome, I’m going to tell you a long story. So, close your eyes and pretend its last Thursday… No wait, keep them open so you can read… and soak in all of the awkward and awesome that is me. This week’s theme? Playing dress up, and “partying” with the band.
Last week, the boyfriend and I packed up and ventured to south NJ for a Rammstein concert with his parents and sister. Rammstein is an industrial metal band from Berlin, Germany. We decided to dress for the occasion, donning our best steam punk accessories, kilts, lace-up boots and Hannibal masks for the occasion.
The show was at the Wells Fargo Center, which is located where all of the Philly sports teams play. While we tailgated in our fabulous outfits, others ran around decked out in Eagles wear, apparently on their way to an Eagles party of some sort. Judging by the stares, they obviously could not mask their adoration of our killer style (awesome), and clearly felt that they themselves were under dressed (awkward).
After we made our way in to the venue, Jamie’s sister Genna and I were approached by a German roadie who gave us wristbands to the after party with the band (Awesome!)! When he found out we were a group of 6 which included 3 big men, he begrudgingly forked over wristbands for the rest of the party (awkward).
The concert itself was beyond awesome. Rammstein live is more of a theatrical event than anything else. The costumes and pyrotechnics are off the hook.
After the show we went to the designated meeting spot for the after party. Another German roadie was waiting there to escort us. I asked him what the party involved, and he said it was a dance party on the floor of the stadium and the band would likely join.
The group was small- 20 people tops, mostly pretty women. They proceeded to lead us down stairs into the belly of the stadium (nowhere near the stadium floor), way behind the scenes. It took a while to get to the dressing room door, all the while suspicions that we were walking straight into a human trafficking situation were brewing in my head (awkward).
We waited outside the door, until finally someone came out and told us that the band wasn’t feeling well and the party was cancelled (more awkward). They started to lead us out a different way than we came in, and I could hear some suspicious comments over the staff’s walkie talkies…”Red shirt” (Genna),…”Black hat” (Dawn). They proceeded to take Jamie’s mom and sister back to the dressing room, while another staff member tried to get us to leave the premises (awkward). I told him that wasn’t happening, and we waited. And waited. (Awkward, awkward).
And then we heard shouting in an unmistakable voice, and received notice from Dawn to meet them outside. They had apparently been escorted into a small room full of young “easy” looking women. Dawn, being the hot mom in the group decided to attempt to give the girls a wakeup call of sorts, explaining to the girls why they were there. Dear readers, please tell me I don’t need to explain the reason to you! One girl responded, “It’s all about the metal.” (AWESOME).
I’m not sure whether Dawn and Genna were kicked out or just stormed out after getting loud, but I think that’s more of a chicken-egg situation. Both were inevitable. So the moral of this story is screw the after party. It’s much cooler to say you were invited but didn’t go, than to tell the story I just told you. If you do go to the after party, make sure you bring an awesome mom to protect you from the big, bad metal band.
This is my 100th blog post – big smiles!

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