Awkward & Awesome – The 12 Day Week

Many apologies for the lack of posting lately – I have been a busy bee! Here is a quick overview of some awkward and awesome happenings from the past week.
  • It turns out that it’s easier to blog about food than fashion when you’re busy. You have to eat to live, but do you have to shop to live? Most would argue no. As a result, I have been updating my food blog a lot more than this one. Check out Feel Good Foodies. But be warned, side effects include sudden mouthwatering, hunger and the urge to cook.
  • I tried to attend a blogger event (which I will not name, because it probably was an awesome event), but I was so frustrated with the crowd that I just left and got a glass of wine with my friend. Hello cranky pants Christina! So not like me – awkward.
  • On Tuesday, I blogged my colleague’s entry in the Mionetto Mixology Masters Challenge. His concoction sounds so delicious, and I fully intend to serve it this weekend with a nice home-made brunch. I thought I would share with you classy readers, as you might want to do the same! Click through the post to vote on the WhiteTea Bulger, and be entered to win a trip to Vegas! Voting ends TONIGHT.
  • It’s Sephora sale time! Enter CHICWEEK at checkout to get 15% off. Don’t forget to go to the website through EBATES, in order to get 4% cash back. That’s a combined 19% savings – not too shabby!
  • Last night I attended Digital DUMBO’s monthly happy hour. I love these events! I’m not sure why I ever stopped going, but they’ve worked their way back onto my calendar now. I’ll be sure to share future happy hours in advance so you can join me! Here is a photo of myself with my friend Tiffani and the lovely camera man from the event – silly faces only (awkward). All photos are posted on the Digital DUMBO Facebook page, including some very weird, embarrassing ones of yours truly. 

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