Corned Beef Benedict

This weekend my parents were nice enough to send me home with a good portion of leftover corned beef, which I decided to experiment with rather than making the sandwiches the leftovers were intended for. The result? Sunday morning Corned Beef Benedict.

The boyfriend and I are big on breakfast at home over the weekend, but I woke up on Sunday with little to work with. There were only three eggs left, no bacon or sausage or vegetables; I had two options: go shopping, or work with what was in my kitchen.

So I toasted up two slices of rye bread and warmed the leftover corned beef in the oven. I topped it off with a poached egg, and voila! Corned Beef Benedict. 

I was working with what I had, but next time I’ll be sure to add some Russian dressing and Swiss cheese – then we can call it Ruben Benedict.

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