Awkward & Awesome – March 12 – 18

This week was busy and jam-packed with Awesome (special announcement below), so I decided to wait until Sunday to write my Awkward & Awesome post. But first, let’s start with the short list of awkward happenings this week.
  • On weekdays, Jamie Schupack on New York 1 is my homegirl. She always tells me when there’s something up with the subway. So on Tuesday when I was already running a little late and there were delays on the F, I thought it would be smart to switch up my routine and take the NQR to work. All would have gone smoothly, except when I was running down to the track and saw two trains stopped at the station, I quickly jumped into the train on the left. The doors immediately closed behind me as I looked at the board and quickly realized I was headed for Queens. Oops. Needless to say I probably would have gotten to work quicker on the delayed F train.
  • We have been out of coffee in my apartment for about 2 weeks. It hasn’t been an issue because I drink lots of coffee at work, and Jamie had been making me delicious espresso drinks on the weekends. But yesterday we were in such a hurry to get out and celebrate St. Patty’s day, that we completely skipped coffee. The result? By 8 p.m. I had the most enormous migraine you could imagine, and it was still here when I woke up today. Now I’m faced with the decision of trying to curb my caffeine intake so this won’t happen anymore, or making sure the apartment is always stocked with coffee. Which would you choose?
  • This Thursday I really wanted to go to the Birchbox and Dermalogica event on Grand Street. I was so disappointed when I found out I had to sign up on the wait list. I had pretty much written off the event. On Thursday I received an email from the event saying that a spot had opened up – halfway into the actual event. I was already home and was not about to go back downtown. Big bummer. Did anyone attend? How was it?
  • My friend Alycia and I have started a food blog called Feel Good Foodies.We love exploring the city and the rest of the world through food, and trying to re-create those experiences in our own kitchens. Love food too? Check out my the corned beef and cabbage recipe I posted earlier today?
  • This Wednesday I attended my first blogger meet-up: a Swap ‘Til You Drop event at Wix Lounge in NYC. Spark Rebel, a collaborative fashion and shopping inspiration web site, graciously sponsored wine and snacks for the evening. The room was full of bloggers, who each brought at least 4 items to swap. I personally took home a blazer and some great beauty products. After the event, Goodwill accepted all items that were not swapped. Goodwill Industries of Greater New York and Northern New Jersey, Inc. serves roughly 160,000 persons a year, from veterans to single mothers to immigrants and more by helping them get back to work, building up pride and paychecks at the same time. You can visit them on their Facebook Fan Pageand follow them on Twitter. Please keep them in mind when you’re thinking of making a clothing donation in the future. The overall experience was great, and I’m happy to have some blogger friends in the area.
That’s all for this week. I leave you with this photo of Jamie and I plus some green moustaches. I hope everyone had a happy and safe St. Patty’s Day!

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