This Wednesday: NYC Bloggers Swap ‘til You Drop

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone in the New York area had time to frolic around in the beautiful sunshine today…this weather is amazing! I have another little something that I hope all the NYC bloggers plan to do this week…the NYC Bloggers Swap ’til You Drop event. I’m so excited to meet other bloggers from around the city. I redesigned my blog banner just yesterday, and ordered some awesome business cards, but unfortunately the business cards will not be here in time for the event (wamp, wamp). Please let me know what you think of the new look! I tried to make it a similar refresh to the old banner. But enough about me, here are the details:

NYC Bloggers Swap ‘til You Drop

Location: Wix Lounge – 10 West 18th Street, 2nd Floor
Date: Wednesday, March 14th, 2012
Time: 6-8pm

Please join Christine of The Tiny Tie Rant, Laura of LOL Beauty, Kimberlee of I Have A Degree In This!, Kristine of Beauty in NYC, and Tessa of Couture Lust for an evening of mixing, mingling and swapping with other New York City bloggers. Come sip on champagne and nibble on tasty treats all while networking and scoring great new pieces for your closet. Walk away with not only new friendships but some great new items.

As bloggers we are lucky enough to receive piles upon piles of free goodies that we feel overwhelmed. This is a chance to give another blogger an opportunity to try a new product that you no longer need or have multiples of.

Don’t forget to bring plenty of business cards!

When bringing your items for the NYC Bloggers Swap ‘til You Drop please keep in mind the following:

  • Upon arrival, we will be assigning you a number which will indicate when you’ll be able to browse all the items so please arrive promptly.
  • Please bring a minimum of 4 items but a maximum of 10 since space is limited. Be generous as the number of items you bring is the number items you are permitted to take with you.
  • Clothing, beauty and accessory items only please. We will be organizing all the items into those separate categories for you to shop.
  • Please bring new or very gently used items that might not fit anymore.
  • No undergarments or stained items.
  • No used mascaras, lipsticks or eyeliners. Only bring these items if they are unopened.
  • Please bring beauty items that you have only used for swatching purposes. You can bring gently used eye shadows, foundations, blushes, primers, etc.
  • No half used shampoo products that you want to get rid of.
  • Any items you do not swap, you must take with you at the end of the event.
  • Goodwill be in attendance to take any items you do not swap.

This is an opportunity to share products that maybe don’t work for your hair type or skin tone with someone who could benefit from it. Use your best judgement when bringing items. We look forward to having a great event!

About Wix:

Located steps from Union Square, the Wix Lounge is a completely free co-working and event space for creative professionals. Grab your laptop, pop into the Lounge and enjoy a productive workday, great networking opportunities, and amazing events. Active since 2010, the Wix Lounge is run by, a free website publishing platform providing user friendly tools for building beautiful, easy-to-make desktop, mobile, and Facebook sites. The Wix Lounge provides free support to users, giving them help and advice for making the ideal website. To learn more about the Wix Lounge, please visit
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