Awkward & Awesome: Back from My Eurotrip

  • While in Europe, Jamie and I walked 5 to 8 miles per day, maybe more, and still managed to party until the wee hours of the night. When in NYC, I sit at a desk for 8 hours a day, and can’t keep my eyes open at the bar on Friday. It is amazing what less stress and more exercise can do for your energy levels! (I didn’t know if this should go under awkward or awesome).
  • Drinking more beer than I have in the past 6 months over a 10 day period, and losing weight. Not sure how many pounds, but I fit into the jeans that I outgrew exactly one year ago. Now all I have to do to maintain is find time to walk 5 miles a day, right? (Again – both awkward and awesome).
  • Everybody in Copenhagen looking stunned and asking us why we were in Denmark in February. Apparently summatime is where it’s at over there!
  • Aside from the beautiful monuments, seeing friends in Paris and visiting my company’s Paris office. The hospitality given to us by the people we know in France was outstanding, and it made the trip.
  • PRAGUE. Prague was my favorite. Seeing Reel Big Fish in Prague was awesome. The street food was awesome. The bars were awesome, the absinthe was awesome, the castle was awesome, the apartment we rented was awesome. Dancing with my boyfriend in the basement bar of a hostel on our last night was awesome. I felt so relaxed in this city, and I cannot wait to go back.
  • The local bars that our new friends in Copenhagen brought us to were awesome. Also, the city was just stunning, but in a ghost town way. I want to go back in the summer and see it thrive.
This list doesn’t put a dent in all of the good times we had and wonderful things we saw. I’m leaving so much out! Hopefully after I sort through my pictures this weekend I can put a real highlights reel together for your viewing pleasure.
I did miss my blog and all of you readers! Bear with me while I get back on track!

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