Awkward & Awesome Pre- Vacation Post

Fabulous news! I leave for Europa in two days – holy crap, TWO DAYS! That means two things:
  1. You won’t hear from me for almost two weeks.
  2. I’ll shut-up about getting ready for my Europe trip!
So here it is, my last chance to get it all out before I leave.
  • It’s 14 degrees in Prague today. I’m beginning to seriously doubt my judgment when it comes to planning vacations.
  • I swore I would get new boots and gloves before I left. Did it happen? No. I’m getting cold just thinking about how cold I’m going to be.
  • My boyfriend is making me backpack. My parents bought me beautiful, wonderful luggage for Christmas, and I won’t even get to use it until March! I don’t know if I can carry my life on my back for two weeks.



  •  I’m going to EUROPE! We’re starting by visiting friends, friends and more friends in Paris, then moving on to Prague and Copenhagen.
  • 10 days out of the US of A. I love this country but dear God I can’t wait to get out of here! You could send me to Antarctica and I’d still be excited right now. New York I love you, but you’re bringing me down (name that tune).
  • I know I write a lot about shopping but I am SO excited for the food! I may have started a food blog to share my love of food with you. It’s not ready for your pretty little eyes yet, but when it is, oh you’ll know it. I am a fat kid at heart!

So that’s it! Wish me bon voyage, people! 

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