Awkward & Awesome Birthday Week

It’s my birthday week, so awesome comes first!
          My birthday is tomorrow!! Horray! Of course, the week-long celebration has already started. Some good friends came over on Tuesday for a casual pizza dinner at my apartment, followed by some sinful dessert at Serendipity. OMG YUM!
–     I’ve decided to take off from work tomorrow and fully enjoy my quarter-century birthday. I will probably go to the gym, browse TJ Maxx racks early before they’re all picked through and maybe make a nice dinner for the boyfriend before we head out to see Skrillex. Saturday is dinner with the family in NJ, followed by more friends and drinks and gallivanting around the city.
          I got a haircut yesterday and I kind of love it! It’s been more than six months since my last haircut, and I was dangerously overdue. Nick at Lifestyle Salon did a fantastic job of cropping my curly hair. I can tell already that It’s going to look good curly and straight – an absolute must!
          Let the countdown begin – 9 days until Europe (and my sister’s birthday)! So excited!
          I arrived at work at 8:10 a.m. Wednesday morning, thinking that I was in nice and early, only to read an email from my boss from Tuesday night requesting a 7 a.m. arrival from my team. Whoops! I felt like a grade A jerk.
          When I got home from my haircut last night I sat down on the couch and fell asleep almost immediately. I’m exhausted! I might have to throw my birthday plans to the wind and just sleep all day tomorrow.
          I don’t care one bit about the Super Bowl.
How’s your week going?

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