Awkward and Awesome Thursday

AWKWARD (preface: I am in a complete funk right now)
          Opening my “new” boots from Gilt Groupe yesterday to find that one of them contained an insert, as if someone had worn and returned them. WTF??
The “extra” item in my new shoes from Gilt. Kinda gross.
          Having so many “good health goals” and only being able to put like 2 of them into practice. My own ambition is intimidating me!
          Feeling like I’m kicking my own ass, and not really seeing any results. I’ve doubled my time in the gym, I’m eating healthy – what the hell am I doing wrong? I always feel better by week 3, but right now I seriously feel like I’m getting larger. I also feel like my thighs are getting bigger due to my weekly spinning classes. Not being able to squeeze my thighs into my skinny jeans was NOT part of the workout plan.
          Having the shortest to-do list in history, but feeling like I’m approaching a mountain if I try to get anything done. The most awkward thing right now is feeling like I’m completely failing myself, but it seems that no one else notices and it’s all in my head.
          Realizing right now that maybe, just maybe, this is the “quarter-life crisis” everyone talks about. I turn 25 next Friday, maybe all will be better after the big day?
          Writing “quarter-life crisis,” and realizing the implied notion that I will live to 100. Sweet.
          Running into random people. Ran into a friend from college on the subway last week and someone from elementary school on the street yesterday when I decided to walk an alternative route to the train. This city is so so small.
          I want to go home to get my juicer this weekend. And THEN I will make delicious juices on a daily basis. Oh, ambition.

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