Review: Hollywood Fashion Secrets

As I mentioned in my December Birchbox  review, when it comes to preventing wardrobe malfunction, Hollywood Fashion Tapedoes the job right. I recently also tried Hollywood Fashion Secrets’ Boot Straps and Sweater Saver.
The Boot Strapswere wonderful! I’ve tried stirrups before, that strap under your feet, and I hated that I felt like something was stuck in my shoe all day. The Boot Straps are comfortable, and keep your pant legs down when you pull on your boots. Another added bonus was that they kept my boots up. My leather boots have stretched slightly in the past year or so, and are getting a bit slouchy, so the extra width from the straps kept them up where they belong. The disadvantage? I had a harder time pull my boots off at the end of the day – but this is easily avoidable by putting the straps lower on my ankles.
I also tried the Sweater Saver (below), and I have to say I can live without it. The Sweater Saver is a pumice brick meant to remove the extra fuzz from your sweaters. When I opened it up, a black power fell from the packaging. I actually tested this out on my tweed ottoman. The pumice was a bit harsh on the fabric but it did work. I’m a little scared to take it to a sweater, and the packaging does warn to spot test first, so I think the fear is rational. I’ll probably give this one more try on actual clothing before writing it off.

A few other products on their site piqued my interest to try in the future:
Temporary Hem Tape – so I can wear my “high heel pants” with flats (other short girls out there can probably relate)!
Deodorant-Removing Sponge – Self explanatory.
I’m also in love with the Fashion Emergency Kit! It’s only $15 and includes Hollywood Fashion Tape, Deodorant-Removing Sponge, Lint-Removing Sheets, Sewing Kit, Stain Wipe, Earring Back, Instant Button, Hair Band, Nail File, Blister Pad, and the Shoe-Shine Sponge.
Do you have any fashion secrets? Share!
*This post is sponsored by Hollywood Fashion Secrets. Visit them on the web at You can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

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