January Goal: New Habits

Alycia and I have decided that each month we will set a goal together. We will announce our goals on the first of each month, and try to commit to them through our blog. At the end of the month we will recap our progress. We hope that you will participate with us! This month we are focusing on creating new habits – and next month we should probably focus on keeping them!

While we just made this goal today, I can confidently say that it is something I’ve been working at for the past few weeks. My greatest New Year’s resolution is to live a more balanced life. This may be a cliche goal, but it is also a sensible one.

Photo courtesy of gablesindoorcycling.com

My first step in the right direction has been adding a spinning class to my weekly routine. I should tell you that I have an irrational fear of group fitness, so this is not as easy as it sounds. I am also NOT a morning person, so the class being at 6:30 a.m. on Wednesdays does not help my cause either! My biggest hope is that I can break the habit of hiring a personal trainer every time I feel l need to re-motivate, and start the habit of using the resources that are already included in my too-expensive NYC gym membership. The extra spurt of energy mid-week isn’t a bad perk either!

Do you have a new habit you want to start this month?

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