Awkward & Awesome Thursday

Oh man – I am completely wiped out. I don’t know how people wake up before 6 a.m. on a regular basis (do people do this?), because I did it two days in a row and I am DONE. Can we skip Friday so I can sleep in? Please?
No? OK, fine. Here is your awkward & awesome Thursday post, but bear in mind my extreme exhaustion and lack of creative energy:
1.     Someone out there subscribed me to Parents magazine. I don’t know who or why. All I know is that I received an email confirming my subscription this week, with the shipping address set to my parents’ house. I’m slightly annoyed, but curious to see their reaction when the magazine comes and they assume that I have a bun in the oven. To make matters worse, the subscription came with a congratulations letter from the magazine and a subscription to their e-newsletter ‘Kicks.” I opened that one expecting to see shoes – silly me.
2.     I was in New Jersey for work today, and took a car back to the city. When we arrived via the Holland Tunnel, the driver decided to detour through the Financial District to get me to the Upper East Side. It made no sense whatsoever, and I couldn’t decided if I was pissed off at the delay in getting home or if I enjoyed the scenic route around the island.
3.     Everyone and their mom seems to have been doing cleanses or ‘juicing’ this week. I’m almost tempted to jump on the band wagon but then I remember that I’d be paying a whole lotta dough to starve myself for a few days and I wonder, is it worth it? Is there any lasting benefit? Next week I’ll quiz my friends on how it went and make a decision.
1.     This weekend Jamie’s parents came to visit and we went to the Transit Museum. It was his dad’s idea; we would have never thought to go on our own, and it wound up being pretty awesome indeed. The museum is underground in a working subway station, and has old train cars that you can walk into. They even had old ads in them – so cute.
Get your tokens here
Old ass subway car- NBD
2.     We followed the museum with dinner at The Meatball Shop, which is absolutely in my top 5 NYC favorites. I get the same thing every time: chicken meatballs with mushroom gravy and provolone.
Dessert – Chocolate brownie cookie with espresso ice cream
Can you tell I’ve been hibernating? Was anyone’s week more exciting than mine?

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