Bored of Birchbox? Maybe MyGlam is for you.

If you’ve read my blog in the past three months, it’s probably pretty apparent that I’m a fan of Birchbox. The element of surprise and the super-sized samples are more than enough to convince me to cough up a Hamilton each month and wait in anticipation for my package to arrive.
I was a bit surprised when other blogger reviews seemed less pleased with their monthly loot. Different strokes for different folks? Well, if that’s the case I’ve found another “stroke,” if you will: My Glam sends you a monthly “glam bag,” also for $10, which contains 4-5 full-sized products or deluxe-sized samples. Unlike Birchbox, MyGlam is more focused on makeup, and leaves the other beauty products out. You can check out the December bag here. It also looks like a cute cosmetic bag is included in every offer – a lovely added bonus for an over-organizer like me!
The site must be catching on too, because it seems they may be experiencing some growing pains. I signed up for the site last night, but was too lazy to get off my tuckus and find my credit card to complete the order. I tried to go back this morning, and it appears the small window of opportunity has closed. But fret not, you can still register to join the community, and select to be notified when subscriptions open back up.
Do you already subscribe to MyGlam? Tell me what you think!

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