December Birchbox in Review

I took a long holiday break from actively being on my computer – and I have to admit that it was refreshing! Never mind that my iMac decided to have it’s annual breakdown, and I haven’t had time to bring it to Apple for a diagnosis yet. We’ll pretend the hiatus was fully intentional. And now, with a new and improved Macbook Air, courtesy of my extremely generous parents, we’re upgraded and ready to blog. So, without further ado, I owe you readers a Birchbox review! As you can see, I’m continuing to use Have to Have to curate my links. I really like it! Click through above to see the full list of items that were in my Birchbox this month. It annoys me that the preview only has four pictures, but I LOVE that the website alerts you when items are on sale, so we’ll call it even. On to the review:

1. AHAVA Mineral Body Lotion (Water) – This lotion smells incredible! It’s super hydrating, and perfect for the winter. The full size is a little on the pricey side, but may be worth it for thirsty skin in the winter. (Retail: 8.5 oz – $24)

2. Jouer Moisturizing Lip Gloss (Birchbox Pink) – Jouer Moisturizing Lip Gloss is exactly what it claims – moisturizing. The gloss went on smooth and wasn’t sticky at all. The Birchbox  Pink shade is sold out, but it was a perfect pink, and I would totally buy it again. (Retail: .21fl oz – $20)

3. Amika Obliphica Hair Treatment – I have curly, frizzy hair, and this oil was the perfect finishing touch. I used it when straightening my hair too, and my strands were noticeably silkier. Boyfriend loved the scent too, which makes this product an all-around win. (Retail 3.38 fl oz – $34)

4. Incoco Nail Polish Applique (Bling Bling Glitter) – I LOVE these stick on nail appliques! Birchbox sent me the Bling Bling Glitter nails, which don’t seem to be available on their site, but you can find them here. Application was easy, and my nails are short enough that I could used 5 appliques for 10 fingers. They have a bunch of solid colors and also funky designs. You don’t have to wait for your nails to dry, and they really don’t chip as easy as regular nail polish. (Retail: 16 nails – $7.99)

Showstopper Designer Fashion Tape – I actually had the chance to use this double sided tape with an outfit last week. While it worked and held up all night, I thought the strips were way too thick. I’ve used Hollywood Fashion Tape before, which is much thinner and you can find it in most drug stores.

EBOOST Orange Natural Energy Booster – I haven’t tried this yet! Maybe today before the gym!

What did you get in your Birchbox this month?

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