Awkward & Awesome Thursday – Don’t Forget the Giveaway!

Happy awkward & awesome Thursday! This week I’m bribing you to read the entire awkward & awesome post, because there’s some exciting news about my Send the Trend giveaway at the end! Don’t skip to the bottom either – there’s a quiz at the end!*
  1. My company holiday party was last week at Trump SoHo. The party totally gets filed under ‘awesome,’ the people I work with are incredibly fun, and there was a photo tent with props and everything. I had a great time. What’s even more awesome?  I won a Christmas tree in a raffle. There were six trees and the winners claimed their tree with a post-it that said their name. I chose a beautiful medium one-bedroom-apartment-sized one.  So why is this under awkward, you may ask? Because someone took my tree. Maybe they were confused and thought the tree was up for grabs. Christina Marcus is a pretty name-they probably thought my post-it was an ornament. I was crushed.
  2. This week a reporter emailed me from a reputable news source (the website gets 63 million viewers per month), asking for an interview on flash sale websites. She had found me through my blog. Thinking they wanted my ‘expert’ opinion, I gladly agreed. When I got on the phone with the reporter it quickly became apparent that she thought I was someone with a vast amount of debt and shopping issues. Had she read my blog a littlemore closely (or at all for that matter), she could have seen that my passion is finding affordable and attainable fashion. It’s funny how someone can so quickly perceive a shopping blog as something that could be a problem, instead of something you can enjoy in a healthy way. I’ll let you know how the article comes out – I don’t think she’ll be quoting me, but I’m anxious to see if the article displays a balanced story.
AWESOME (Things have been very awesome lately)
Image courtesy of Jamie W. on Yelp
  1. On a lighter side, I have two words for you: Sushi pizza. I can’t even begin to describe the heaven that I experience every time I go to Fatty Fish and get this delish appetizer – which I did last night. This might need to become a monthly ritual, at the very least.
  2. Holiday shopping in Soho – you always end up at a cocktail event! I went to Top Shop on Tuesday to purchase I’m-not-telling-what for I’m-not-telling-who, and I happened upon a Jack Daniel’s event in their men’s section. Such fun.
  3. They opened a Pret A Manger near my work! This might not sound to exciting to you – but this is my favorite lunch spot. It’s the little things in life, right?
  4. TJ Maxx– I am officially a maxxinista! My friend and I meandered on over to TJ Maxx last night to see if we could find any last-minute holiday gift steals, and I wound up treating myself to these Frye boots!
What do you think? I was so excited at finding them for such a good price that I had to get them! I’m still on the fence though, I’m not necessarily a cowgirl, and I’m wondering if they fit into my wardrobe well enough.
And the most AWESOME update of all? Everyone who entered my Sendthe Trend Arnelle Bib Necklace giveaway before today is getting THREE extra entries! If you enter today you will get TWO extra entries, and if you’re lazy and wait until Friday you will get ONE extra entry, because it is the holidays after all. So click over to the giveaway blog post for instructions on how to enter! A winner will be chosen next Monday.
Happy shopping!

*I lied- there is no quiz. I promise to never lie to you again.**

**By again I mean until the next time I lie… but I do promise to never lie about anything of consequence, because that would be mean.

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