Handmade for the Holiday

I personally think that handmade items make the most incredible gifts. They’re original and personal, and when you find the “perfect” handmade gift for someone, they’re completely irreplaceable.
As I mentioned, I’ve been scrounging Etsy to find some of my favorite gift ideas for this year. I finally narrowed it down to 14 holiday/winter favorites. The list has a little something for everyone – one or two items for the boys, a couple completely gender neutral picks, and of course lots of whimsical, beautiful items for the girls. I hope you enjoy my favorites– it took a lot of self-control not to buy all of them myself!
  1. ShadowJewels -Christmas berry garland necklace vintage red glass 
  2. .Rag Trader- Compass Cufflinks 
  3. Crochet Butterfly – Hand Knitted Infinity Scarf Yellow 
  4. Amarie – clutch purse with metal frame – brynn inoff-white crunch with chiffon flower and pearls 
  5. Twigsand Heather – Nice and heavy sterling silver twig bracelet 
  6. VintageSilverware Garden Marker Set Your Choice of Herbs 
  7. Antickquities – SteampunkClock Hand Holiday Ornament 
  8. FiddleheadsForFiona -Deer Head Silhouette, Woodland Wall Art 
  9. LoopsAndLines -Striped Christmas Stocking Handknit 
  10. Pumpernickelandwry -Tea Cup Candle 
  11. GrimcatProductions – NeverendingStory eReader Covers 
  12. ShopClementine -Illumination Earrings 
  13. ScreamingScissors -Christmas recycled strung tags set of 20 
  14. Claylicious -red and gray bowls Ceramic serving 
For a better look at the images you can view this gallery on Pinterest.Don’t forget to enter my first blog giveaway!! You could win a beautiful Arnelle Gem Bib necklace from Send the Trend. Comment on the giveaway blop post to enter! Happy shopping!

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