Awkward & Awesome and a Giveaway

The Holidays are coming! I know it’s true because I had my first Christmas cookie yesterday! (Thanks Dave’s mom – the cookie was delish). Today is Thursday, which means I have some awkward and some awesome in store for you. You should stick with me until AWESOME because I know you want to hear about my very first giveaway! Here goes nothing.
  1. I still haven’t done any holiday shopping. I’m usually finished by now! That said, I’ve done a ton of online browsing. New goal: place all online orders before Sunday.
  2. It is suddenly FREEZING! And by freezing I mean it’s not 60 degrees anymore. Boo hoo, winter has finally deciding to pay New York a visit.
  3. I bet you think this section is pretty lame so far, right? I do too. I was walking to work this morning, freezing my patooti off and pondering the lack of awkward events in the past week when I saw a large object moving close to my right. I heard people screaming, “watch it!” and, “what the *curse word* are you thinking lady?!” and then I saw the large object JERK to a stop and I realized – I’m about a foot away from getting hit by a truck. No joke. The stupid truck didn’t have its back-up-beep-alert thing going either, so it was totally his fault. That’s what my death certificate would have said, too. I could be dead right now. But someone upstairs wanted me to do a blog giveaway today, so lucky for your guys, I’m still here.

It doesn’t get more awkward than that, so on to the awesome.

  1. Holiday season means holiday parties! I’m psyched because my company has two (one for everyone, one for the department) and the first one is tonight! It’s ski-lodge themed, so I brought my Russian fur hat. I’m kidding – but I wish I had a Russian fur hat, because I would have worn it.
  2. My Christmas List is on Pinterest, and my best friend decided to be really awesome and send me some presents from it! She’s the best. Santa told me she’s on the good list this year. Awesome.
  3. Here is the big AWESOME of the month: to celebrate the holidays, and thank you readers for following The Happy Shopaholic, I’ve decided to hold my first giveaway! Way back, last December I posted about the launch of Send the Trend, a website that provides trendy accessories in collaboration with designer Christian Siriano, at low cost. The site is members-only, and provides a personalized gallery every month. I’m in love with their current Bejewled collection, so I’ve decided to give away my favorite piece: the Arnelle Gem Bib Necklace.
To enter*, you must do one of the following (you will get extra entries for doing more than one):
       LikeThe Happy Shopaholic onFacebook
       Follow The Happy Shopaholic on BlogLovin
       Follow @ShopHappy on twitter
After you’ve followed at least one of the above, leave a comment on this post, telling me where you’ve followed and what you’re favorite item is on Send the Trend. Don’t forget to leave your email, so I can contact you if you win!

*You MUST comment to enter!* 

If you do not want to leave your email address below, you can email me directly at
I will announce the winner on Monday, December 19. Good luck!
*This giveaway is limited to people in the U.S.
The giveaway is not sponsored by Send the Trend – I just really like their website 🙂

21 thoughts on “Awkward & Awesome and a Giveaway

  1. You're hilarious!! 🙂 I'm also bummed out that winter is upon us. I live in upstate Missouri. It tried to snow here yesterday morning and that was cute. Sigh.This is seriously a freaking awesome giveaway. That gem necklace is stunning. I looked at the website and I also like the floral necklace as well. I'm a follower!

  2. my husband's company had two holiday parties too – i love it because i get to shop for 2 different outfits! have fun tonight:)i follow you on twitter and facebook (as GoodCleanFun)

  3. Great job with this little one! Just did some browsing and..after a tough call..I think my favorite piece goes to the Asa Gold Teardrop Dangles. I'm a FB follower 🙂

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