Help Me Shoe Shop!

I hope everyone is recovering from Black Friday and gearing up for Cyber Monday. As you relax and eat your turkey leftovers, I would like to employ your stylish two-cents!

ShoeMint is now live and taking orders! It looks like they’re debuting with a limited collection of three styles, each in two colors.
I’ve selected Jolly as my favorite shoe (the leopard wedge on the right), but I’m completely torn on which color I want. It comes in a taupe color, which is made from suede, or the leopard that you see above, which is actually pony fur! I know I’d probably wear the taupe ones more, but my wardrobe could really use more prints. I feel like everything I own is very plain lately….Which ones do you like? Please comment!
Also, I’m sending a care package to a Marine for the holidays! If you would like to send one too, please read this post to find out how!

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