Rachel Bilson’s Shoe Mint Launches Friday

It appears that Rachel Bilson is gearing up to give Kim Kardashian a run for her money! ShoeMint, Bilson’s collaboration with her stylist Nicole Chavez and, one of my personal favorites, Steve Madden launches this Friday.
The e-commerce shoe site has many similarities to Kim Kardashian’s ShoeDazzle. The site is members only. At sign up, you fill out a brief style survey and you are sent a showroom of shoes monthly to choose from. Each pair costs $79.98, with the option to skip the month. ShoeDazzle’s shoes are $39.95 per pair, and while I do like ShoeDazzle, I have a hunch that the price differential will be justified by better quality with ShoeMint.
While ShoeMintisn’t up just yet, they are offering some pre-launch rewards. If you sign up now, you are automatically added to a drawing for a pair of free shoes every month for a year! That’s reason enough for me to sign up. They also are boasting some serious referral incentives:
Refer 2+ friends and get $25 off your first pair
Refer 10+ friends and get $40 off your first pair
Refer 40+ friends and Pay only $1 for your first pair (limited to first 100 hundred people)
So, hop on over to ShoeMint now, before Thanksgiving madness is in full swing, and refer your friends! Check the site out on Friday, and look forward to my thoughts over the weekend. Happy shoe shopping!

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