Awkward & Awesome Thursday…better late than never

Hello and happy Friday! I would like to preface this post with the observation that everything has been awkward lately, hence the Awkward & Awesome Thursday post coming to you on a Friday! Work with me here people, life has been busy. I returned Tuesday from a business trip in Orlando, and I leave tomorrow morning for Atlanta with my mom, to visit my aunt. I cannot wait for this little weekend away!
 I’ve been saving some awkward moments up over the past two weeks for your reading pleasure. Without further ado:

1.       Last week I went to Sephora to purchase a gift for my mother’s birthday, and a mini mascara set for myself. Upon checkout, the sales associate was giving me the weirdest looks. At first I thought she was judging the lack of care I put into applying my make-up that morning. I always think they’re judging me, but I was shocked that this woman was letting her disapproval show so much – she looked downright uncomfortable. I realized later on the train to NJ that the mascara wasn’t in the bag. Did it fall? Did she take it? How do I go about demanding my money back for a product I didn’t receive? Awkward.
2.       Second awkward Saturday shopping experience: For the third time in my year and a half as an NYC resident, a strange, non-English speaking man jumped into the same section of a small revolving door with me. Does this happen to anyone else? I feel like a door invasion magnet! He actually jammed the door, making the front part of it hit me in head. He didn’t seem to understand the source of my frustration either.
3.       A man exposed himself to me on the subway Wednesday. I was on my way home from work, and he was obviously under the influence of something. He was waving to me and I was trying to ignore him, looking downward and not at his face and then – BAM! Penis. I try to be ready for anything in New York, but this totally crosses the line.
4.       This is milder on my scale of awkward, but I totally miss my homebody life. I’ve been jet-setting every weekend this month. I’m psyched for weekends in my little apartment in December. Go ahead, call me lame.


1.       All of my travels to warm weather. If you have to travel frequently in November, Orlando and Atlanta are pretty good destinations. Of higher awesomeness (yes, that’s a word now), I cannot wait to see my family in Atlanta this weekend and spend a whole weekend with my mom!
2.       Versace for H&M. I love when H&M and Target release lines from less budget-friendly designers. The Versace for H&M line launches TOMORROW, November 19 at 8 a.m. Here are some of the pieces I’m coveting :

I especially love the shoes and the black dress. I’ll be in transit tomorrow, so if anyone wants to hold onto them for me, that would be fab!
3.       They’re building a Whole Foods in my neighborhood. No explanation needed, this is awesome.
Okay, if I don’t get off the computer and start packing for Atlanta NOW, I’m in trouble. Have a great weekend everyone! Happy shopping! 

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