My First Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Hi Bloggies!

So, I’ve been seeing a lot of these “Awkward and AwesomeThursdays” posts around the web, and I think it’s time that I jump on board. I’m significantly awkward and equally awesome, so it’s only appropriate.
So here it goes, awkward and awesome for the week:
  1. My dad is planning to come into the city this weekend (HALLOWEEN WEEKEND) to attend some meditation seminar, and he wants to crash at my apartment. Normally I would file this under AWESOME. I love my dad, he’s a good time. But Halloween weekend is no bueno. Daddy doesn’t need to see that his little girl is out partying until all hours of the night. Oy.
  2. Second awkward item: my boyfriend wants to go to NJ for Halloween. Of course I want to go with him, but I don’t even have the choice because my costume doesn’t work on its own. I’m John Wilkes Booth! I need to shoot Honest Abe all night.
  3. Last of all – went to a prestigious members-only place for cocktails last night. I realized while digging through my purse on the subway this morning that in my tipsyness I decided the monogrammed soap dispenser would look better in my bathroom than the club bathroom. It doesn’t look so good in my purse though – I think I will go return it. Oops. Awkwarrrd.

  1. Halloween parties this weekend AND I get to reenact history – AWESOME.
  2. I won Panic! At The Disco tickets for this Sunday
  3. Cocktails at said members-only club were lovely, and in good company
  4. I went to the chiropractor for the first time in my life today because I have “I’mtooeffingyoungforthis” style back pains. He literally cracked every bone in my back and I feel AWESOME!

It’s almost Friday people, do a happy dance!

One thought on “My First Awkward and Awesome Thursday

  1. awesome #4 sounds absolutely awesome! haha. that sounds fantastic, i want to go to a chiropractor too. :)<3, Mimi

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