Are you ready for FNO?

I’m not going to map out my night ahead of time, after all. But I WILL tweet my stops and let you know of any great deals along the way. Follow @ShopHappy on twitter for updates all night!
***************************Ok lovelies – Fashion’s Night Out is TOMORROW!

It completely crept up on me this year; I’m usually researching the sales and events a month out. I haven’t mapped out my plan of assault just yet – but I’m fairly sure I’m restricting myself to the SoHo area, strictly due to the convenient location of my office. For those of you looking to neighborhood hop, it looks like VW will be carting people up and down town in style.
Like I said, I usually take a very strategic approach to FNO, stalking the website and planning an itinerary that I print out like a fashionable nerd to check off my stops along the way. This year, there’s an android app to help! I don’t know if they had this last year, because my phone wasn’t as smart, but I’m completely amped to navigate the cocktails and sales while saving some trees.
So, I’ve just downloaded this app, and I will make my very last-minute blueprint to shopper happiness today. Expect the update tonight, but in the meantime please check out the sales so you can let me know what I miss! Don’t fret if you’re not in NYC, apparently FNO is a national event. Check the map here for events in your area. Not in the U.S., or just don’t feel like schlepping in the rain for some sales and booze? FNO is an online night of shopping fun as well.
Here’s a photo of my friend Vicky and me at last year’s FNO. I was able to snag the dress on Ideeli a few months later for only $100!

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