Current shopping obsessions

I’ve been avoiding my blog. The truth is, I don’t like the little niche I’ve set for myself – only using The Happy Shopaholic to update the world on new shopping sites and killer sales, etc.

Yes, I like writing about those things, but I feel like the subject matter is too limiting. So, I’m going to start peppering in some other tidbits of what makes this shopaholic happy. If you lovely readers hate it, let me know and I’ll revert back to the old style.

Moving on…

While I’ve been avoiding my blog, I haven’t stopped sale/blog stalking. I’ve been trying to upgrade my work wardrobe. Two of my favorite I-can’t-really-afford-that stores are Anthropologie and J Crew. So in order to find my most coveted items, minus the steep prices, I’ve been stalking the following:

1. Anthroholic’s Tuesday Posts

Tuesday is sale day at Anthro, and Kim of Anthroholic posts her favorite items from price-slashed selection. She always links to the full sale selection, posted by Roxy on Effortless Anthropologie. During lunch, I like to look at Kim’s picks and then head over to Roxy’s post to see if I agree (yes, I’m aware that this is nerdy). After work, I walk the convenient few blocks to the SoHo Anthropologie, to find my picks. Instant gratification (and no shipping cost)!

Here are my recent buys:

I also bought a pair of tan bermuda shorts. Hooray sales!
2. J Crew Factory
Open every weekend from 12 a.m. on Friday, through Sunday at midnight, a beautiful little Factory tab appears next to  the Sale tab on the J Crew site. Items are up to about 60% off. I still have to try to control myself, but it beats shopping the retail prices! I’ve been stocking up on skirts, mostly.
I’d post pictures but I honestly feel lazy – this is the most I’ve blogged in months! What blogs/ sales do you stalk?

2 thoughts on “Current shopping obsessions

  1. So cute! I wish there were more Anthropologies 'round South Jersey's neck of the woods. I saw a Rachael Ray special on their affordable wedding dresses– they were gorgeous! P.s. So glad you found that quote helpful, it helps me everyday. 🙂

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