to the rescue

Okay, let’s talk about GroupOn, Living Social etc. – all of those wonderful group buying discount sites that have been gaining so much clout in our cities lately. While they are incredible in opening doors and experiences you probably would not have otherwise indulged in, nothing is perfect, and like everything else they have room for improvement.

For me, it’s the power of the impulse buy. I just can’t help myself! At least half of the GroupOns I’ve purchased go to waste because I just don’t have the time to cash in on them. For example, why did I think I could squeeze in an unlimited month of yoga all the way in Hell’s Kitchen when it takes major motivation for me to walk five blocks to my local gym a few days a week? Now I just sound lazy, but hopefully you get my point. 
There is a flip side to this problem which I’ve also experienced – seeing a sale and not buying it, and then really wishing I had later, when the sale is gone. By now you probably think I’m just airing my grievances, but I have good news to anyone who can relate – I’ve found a solution to my group buying woes: describes itself as a marketplace for people to buy and sell deals from “daily deal” sites such as GroupOn, Living Social, BuyWithMe and 150+ others. There is a $0.99 +8% fee to sell unwanted deals, and no fee associated with buying deals. A small price to pay for the $150 teeth whitening treatment that you decided not to cash in on, right? 
I just stumbled on this site today and I’d love to hear if anyone has used, or if you intend to use it after reading this, please let me know how it goes!  Happy shopping!

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