A Well Lived Life…

Ok, so obviously consistency is something I need to work on. Life has just been throwing all these little curveballs at me lately (mostly good ones!).  My birthday just passed, and now after a week-long celebration, I’m hoping to get some normalcy back into my schedule. My birthday was shoe-filled. My man got me these bad boys from Steve Madden, and the Nikes are from my parents.
 Unfortunately, I won’t be blogging next week. The boyfriend and I are hopping on a last-minute plane to St. Marteen! I wanted a new bikini for the occasion and was sorely disappointed in the selection at Victoria’s Secret. I’m hoping it was just the one in my neighborhood and I’ll have better luck elsewhere.  Anyone have a good bikini shop suggestion in NYC?
I also wanted to do some pre-vaca tanning so I don’t blind everyone on the beach. I’m not normally a tanning advocate. I’m all for having healthy skin that won’t wrinkle by the age of 50… but I’m just too white for the islands right now. My friend Courtney told me that Beach Bum has some great coupons online. They’re location-specific, so check them out!
I’m also disappointed by the current selection at H&M. I dropped by one of the SoHo locations yesterday and couldn’t find anything even slightly tempting.
Now that you’re all up-to-speed on me, here’s a little web treat. High Gloss Magazine boasts to be a “guide to a well lived life.” Their premiere issue is available to read online here. Enjoy and let me know your thoughts! I especially like the page on bloggers they love, and intend to dive into those blogs at a later date.
Happy Shopping! xo

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