Group Buying Sites Take Over My Inbox

Lately I’ve been noticing more and more group buying sites’ emails popping up in my inbox. I have to appreciate that my friends are aware of my shopaholic ways and refer me to all these fab email lists and sites, but this week, when I saw Yelp sending out similar offers, I had to stop and wonder, “How many of these damn websites are there?!” 
So I did a little research and found this site that lists a whole bunch of them.
For all of you not-so-savvy(yet)-shoppers, allow me to explain this concept to you. Group buying sites allow you to purchase local deals at steep discounts. Think things like restaurants, spas, gym memberships and local events. You’ll receive an email voucher upon  that you can show at the establishment and receive your discount.
GroupOn is the largest of these sites. Perhaps you remember them saying “no thanks” to Google’s $6 billion acquisition offer last month.  I’m especially digging their Android app lately.  They have deals available in over 300 markets and 35 countries. Similar sites I frequent include Living Social, KGB Deals, and Bloom Spot. There are a TON more that cater to all different regions, so if you’re really interested check out that list that I linked above. Happy shopping!

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