Paper or Plastic?

Gift cards… do you love them or hate them? To be honest I’m on the fence. I’m personally a fan, but I also know someone who kicked a boy to the curb when he bought her a gift card to a store she wouldn’t set foot it. Yes, that is probably drastic, but it’s proof that there are some unwanted gift cards floating around. Somewhere in the ballpark of $30 billion in unredeemed gift cards, to be exact.

So, whether you love gift cards or would like to throw them in the Hudson River and curse the person who gave them to you, Plastic Jungle can help.

For the buyer, Plastic Jungle offers discounts on over 300 retailers’ gift cards. You could use them for yourself to save money on your next shopping trip, or you could buy another gift-card-lover a sweet little piece of plastic worth more money than you paid for it.

Now for the haters: Plastic Jungle is your friend, and lets you cash in your unwanted cards. Be advised, they don’t pay you full price, but if it’s a card that you’re really never going to use, it could be well worth it. You can get your money in three ways: an gift card, credit directly to your PayPal account, or cash.

To try it out, I put that I had a $50 gift card for Urban Outfitters. This is what Plastic Jungle offered:
Not too shabby. I also changed Urban Outfitters to Target, and in that case I only lost about $2 in the deal. 
So there you have it. With the holidays just around the corner, it might be a good idea to gift some last-minute gift cards, or maybe you want to swing by after the holidays and cash in some plastic. Happy shopping! 
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