Any Divas Out There?

If you’re not close to Atlanta, Miami, New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles, you’re missing out.

I want to share with you Social Diva, my fav resource for when my social life needs some estrogen fueled activities thrown into it. There are usually cocktails and shopping involved, so I’m usually more than happy!

Social Diva has been around since 2000, sharing exclusive event invitations, VIP access and what they call “Diva Deals” for the aforementioned cities. You can check their website for updates, but you’re better off signing up for their e-mails, you never know when a juicy event is going to pop up.

The most recent SD event I attended was Cocktails and Butt Sketches at Levi’s opening of their Meatpacking store.Everything was 30% off, there were delicious cocktails, and InStyle sponsored the event, providing booty sketches and gift bags with an impressive Style coffee-table book. I took full advantage of ALL of these things.

I’m keeping this post short and sweet – Christmas shopping in SoHo is calling!

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