Accessory Steals

When I moved to NYC I felt like my wardrobe was drab and lacking the trendy edge I was suddenly surrounded by. Stifled with the daunting task of replacing/upgrading all of my clothes, I asked a clothing designer friend for tips on affordable places to shop in the city. Her words of advice? Keep my clothes and accessorize!
Send The Trend, a newer website fronted by designer Christian Siriano, helps us budgetistas stay on top of the trends without spending all of our money on accessories.
Similar to ShoeDazzle, Send The Trend is a free, membership based site, offering sunglasses, jewelry, scarves and more at $29.95 per item. When you register you can take a style survey, and Send The Trend arranges a gallery of accessories suited to your style monthly. Shipping is always free, and they offer discount codes often. Right now you can received $5 off your purchase with the code 5OFF.  *Not 5OFFER, sorry about that!*
Mr. Siriano designed a December line called Regal Estate, that I’m in love with! The vintage-feel is right up my alley. Here are some of my favorites from Send the Trend:


Now when shopping I look for two things: simple, classic clothing items that won’t go out of style and statement pieces to spice up my wardrobe, such as jewelry, jackets and belts. Where do you find accessory steals? 

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